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    NAME: ONS-Tempura
    VERSION: Final
    Compatibility: UT2K4

    Description: The Battle rages forth on Tempura. A once active volcanic land, no long extinct. Battles are raged within these mountains. Very Large map, with tons of stuff to do and look for.

    There are 2 target painters and also a redeemer...if you can find them well hidden, but easy to get to.

    Comments: Have fun.

    Credits: Thanks to my guild members over at for helping me beta test and debug this darn map...and for pushing me into finishing it when I wanted to give up.
    Also thanks to "Angel Mapper" Angels site for the great tutorials on Optimization and setting up an Onslaught map.

    Thanks to Logan and Buzz over at 3Dbuzz for the great Tutorials that were included on the DVD SE version
    and a special thanks to [-SS-]Hazardous for the use of his great silverspray logo.

    And Thanks to everyone here at the forums who helped me out with all of my sill questions.

    Homepage: Rokyts temporary home

    Download sites: My Home

    Unreal Playground thanks for the mirror BTW


    More sites wil become available when I get a chance to upload to them.

    Thanks guys/gals ... Enjoy...and give me some feedback of what ya think

    Looking good. I will dl it later.

    One suggestion: Change the icon of this post to map-ONS. The "Delete Me" icon doesn't fit such a good looking map.


      Sorry for the delete me post.
      In the Full Release forum....the icons show up as smilies for me for some reason.
      But by process of elimination...I think I got it right.

      weird the beta forum, they show up fine, as they should.



        user cp -> edit options -> style set - select "USE FORUM DEFAULT"

        I got only smilies too till this.

        BTW: the maps look COOL (esp. the caves), but I think there's too much fog in the map.(or is it just too bright? dunno...)


          I brightened up the pics in photoshop a bit...the pics I had looked too dark from the ingame screenies...even though the map isn't that dark...
          also thanks d-7 was wondering how to change those darn smilies


            Great looking map Can't wait to play it online :up:

            Do you know any servers currently playing this map?


              Not at the moment I don't ,but I did see it on 1 servers rotation.

              this map is gigantic!!! HUGE..but kind of simple in looks..did not know what to expect in the way of fps and optimizations.

              But always room for improvement...this is my 1st released map..been figuring out Ued from the VTM's and tutorials everywhere... Can only get better...I hope roflmao...

              Thanks for the comments...keep em to no the likes and especially the I don't make the same mistakes over and over again.



                Great map. I love the big landscapes for ONS. Plays better with humans than bots. We fired it up on a test bed server at work.

                Using surfer vernacular that may date me a bit... Narly Dude!


                  Hmmm!!!! look nice but it can be better!

                  Just I have saw your pictures but!!!!
                  Is that the base!!!
                  Try to make a cool base or give the map to me and I will make a large base for you in it!
                  Just if there are great bases the guys will like it more! but the map is perfect I think!
                  Maybe the bods are not working! or a stupid link setup but I hope it will be good!
                  <darkmattter> spartica mapper!!!


                    Nice map. [edit]Excellent framerate, I was very surprized.[/edit]

                    I was actually expecting a plate of lightly fried asian-style veggies and shrimp.


                      Nice looking map. Always good to see more ONS maps (considering they are my favorite.)
                      Awesome d/l speed. Between 171-191 kb/s.


                        wide-open huge ONS that can be fun if my bot team knew what they were doing (I seem to get to the middle nodes with no help and then lose them); there is not too much fog in this map and it is a little wide-open but the high terrain and tunnels really make it better than it would be otherwise; I like the skybox, landscapes (almost Mars-like) and multi-level bases.