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    Name: DM-Tintagel
    Version: 1.0c Final
    Compatibility: UT2004

    On top of a wind swept mountain lays castle. Once a place of peaceful contemplation, now an arena for all out carnage.
    To battle here is to battle among the gods and being victorious will ensure your immortality.

    From forum user feedback and testing the following improvements and changes have been made –

    Fully Optimized.
    Revised weapons and weapon placement.
    Expanded and enlarged hallways.
    Small visual tweaks and improvements.

    Credits: Phillip ‘Amoc’ Phair




    Mirror 1 - Zip File

    Mirror 2 - Zip File

    Mirror 3 - Zip File or Self Extracting File

    Looking suweeeet indeed

    *Me downloads

    Oh, and you should change your post icon to something other than the Official icon, unless you really want an instant ban


      Thanks for the tip.... didn't realize that was what I had done
      Icon all fixed.


        looks just awesome
        *DOWNLOAD* DD


          Still runs quite slow for me compared with stock UT2004 maps. Not just in certain areas but all over. Not surprising though with the high poly counts on those static meshes (got upto 250,000+ polys in view at times). Even though the visuals are incredibly good, if it limits the people who play it to only those with high spec systems, then IMO that is a negative point. Flow of the map is about average, with corridor areas being ok but sometimes things like the bannisters get in the way in parts. The spiral staircases kinda screw up the flow a little but not too much of an issue.

          Overall pretty good but the FPS issues were a problem for me.


            Incredible map. Visuals are top notch. I downloaded the beta version you had on the forums a little bit back and this is MUCH better.

            The work you have put into the map really shows. Static meshes look great and go well with the map style. I noticed little to no shimmer on the meshes.

            Game play is good and I disagree with the comment about the bannisters, I think they add to the gameplay ( you can use them for cover in a heated battle

            And as for performance, I have no issues with the fps, plays well for me.
            Good stuff.


              This is an awesome level.

              Great architecture and very atmospheric. Really like the tight spaces and real place look.

              Too many levels try for an open arena that lacks any real feeling of a believable actual place.

              Great! :up:


                I almost didn't download this off of PU because there wasn't a screenshot included. Lucky I checked here.


                  ace, coming down.


                    Wow Nice map!:up: :up: :up:


                      Looks very nice, one of the rare map that I am actually going to bother download

                      EDIT: s_meshes are pretty inconsistant, some are nice, but others are definetly lacking some polish (no smoothing group on rounded shapes? ). Also the lighting could be improved a lot.
                      The gameplay is idd inexistant, but I don't think it was the priority of the author


                        cool looking map will download!


                          is a good map but the corridors are a bit too wide but not too much, also I found places that werent textured but they aren't a concern to me, overall it's a nice map


                            The map is pretty nice in visuals (although it could be better, lighting really needs work and those staircases look really bland and cramped), gameplay is nower to be seen however .


                              am i the only one seeing an extreme lack of visual polish? i mean sure, the meshes are very intricate, but they are excessive, and sloppishly implemented. BSP is just way over the top. the lighting is lackluster also.

                              on the other hand, i can see the author has a talent for making some pretty sweet *** meshes, and when he gets more adept at implementing this skill properly, i look foward to seeing the result.