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DM-1on1-StoltyFactory1.0 released -> MSUC Phase3

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  • DM-1on1-StoltyFactory1.0 released -> MSUC Phase3

    Name: DM-1on1-StoltyFactory
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT 2k4
    Description: An industrial map mit 3 levels, see the shots
    Comments: Final, my Submission to phase3 of the MSU Contest

    Credits: Thx to Hourences, Tonnberry, DavidM, S´Calain, aleXXX, milb, aevirex, Guter Kumpel, Rage-Nox, sAr, Evil-Devil, unEx, Dr.Pest, samyroyale, Radditz, conehead, Fragmaster, NumbNutz, Murphy, HERBy, Svenneck, SuN. Redneck, SGA, Kuckekind, Swanky, Fliegenklatsche, Yourman2000,
    Homepage: none yet :/
    UT-League (German) (older version)
    maybe more to come

  • #2
    Nice looking! Downloading...


    • #3
      This looks superb, I see you've got some great advice from some top mappers also. Downin.


      • #4
        Looks excellent... Downloading...


        • #5
          Second map I've deleted today without even trying to play (Samurai was the other). It runs like crap... and please don't tell me to lower the world details or to remove weather effects please


          • #6
            Whats your system specs?


            • #7
              Looks nice, indeed... However, bots are quite horrible. Also, I've noticed number of stone blocks (floor) and grass popping out throughout the map.


              • #8
                Agreed, This map is excellent, my only issues were bots, they act like there are no path nodes at all. I'm not an experienced mapper so not sure how to fix this but good bot support is a must especially for a map of this quality. In the main areas on the lower level the nodes seemed a bit overused and strewn about, this might be the problem as the AI may be getting to much info. I don't know this for sure though as again I'm not a level designer... yet.
                Another nit pick is as Cyberchrist mentioned is how the floor meshes are being drawn in an out.


                • #9
                  Its an amazing looking map!! But its got major problems. Bot paths are no good, they basically just stand there. Certain spawn points you are out of the map. I get texture flickers here and there. Yes, this map needs a major overhaul. I hope these problems gets fixed cause it has a very sweet layout.

                  Ive just uninstalled this map, oh well.


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                    Re: DM-1on1-StoltyFactory1.0 released -> MSUC Phase3

                    Originally posted by [T_I]_Unreal_
                    An industrial map mit 3 levels...

                    ... I'll wait until the bugs are fixed and put a mirror up later on!


                    • #11
                      It's got a nice layout, but for some reason it gives me a headache playing it - literally. Framerate is not good and bots are awful (sometimes they do not move at all (noticably by the bottom of the lift).

                      It's a shame really. Thought this one was going to be a keeper from the screenies.


                      • #12
                        People, Iam currently buxfing the map.
                        Give me 30 min and you can dl a better map with working bots, no uppopping decos and without clippings.


                        • #13
                          OK, I overwrited the older Version of Bazzis Mirror with the new file.

                          Download the absolute Final here:

                          UT League
                          more to come ...


                          • #14

                            Give me 30 min
                            06-07-2004 07:53 AM
                            06-07-2004 08:29 AM

                            Thats 36 min

                            Nice looking map, I'll download it again.


                            • #15
                              Nice one! Great amosphere, excellent playability.