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    Yeah well in this case it does work. BANG, vehicle is dead.

    All you need to do is get a guy up on the tower and no one will get anywhere. You say that camping is lame, and I agree, unfortunately not everyone agrees with us. It WILL be done, guaranteed. This is exactly why they disabled Instagib on ONS. Because of this. I have no idea why you can't see this.


      But I'm also saying campers are EASY to kill. They camp generally in one (sometimes more) place, so you know where they are. If they are not there you can catch camper on his/her way to camping place.


        There is absolutely no way in hell you're going to intercept someone who grabs the Raptor and heads to the tower at the begiunning of the game unless you grab a Raptor and meet him there. And the one who lives through the dogfight gets to the tower.


          Instagib does leave a trail, though; so it should be possible to snipe the camper from near the node that he is attacking.


            Maybe using the Anti-camp mute

            Perhaps if you use the Pain Camper Mutator that would solve camping issues? If not ... like I said this mute isn't for everyone. Peace .


              The best way to balance a weapon is to give the same weapon to everyone. The problem is that not everyone may have excellent sniping ability (like me. I make up for lack of sniping ability by turning on super berserk and shooting in the general direction ).

              I'll have to look for this mutator you speak of. Pain camper, huh?


                Pain Camper

                It's a great mutator if you want to alter sniper matches. You can set a time to allow for camping and then you can specify if the person dies or starts losing health. Time and health is configurable. So if you want to make sure no one camps at all just make the time to camp 0 and turn on death. Or you can set them to lose health ... I believe that it's like 10 health points per second. Additionally you can set the camp radius (don't know what the max is ... sorry) and also if camping can be allowed during certain times (defending, holding, sniping). So it is quite versatile ... which makes it a good fit for these types of matches where a person has a one hit kill weapon.

                If you can't find it after searching hard let me know, but it's out there because I found it and this was when I didn't know anyone or know about the forums.

                I just checked it and you do lose about 10 health points/sec if that option is enabled. Also, I believe that this is one of those rare mutators for UT2K3 that works in Ut2K4 ... don't quote me on that though because I am not 100% sure. This would mean that you may have to search for UT2003 mutes in order to find it, and it does work without crashing the game (I am using the latest patch now but it also worked before when I was initially testing it ... I test every mutator I download even if I won't use that mutator all the time). Anyway hope this helps


                  Thanks, I found the ut2003 version. Will test this out when I get time. Thanks again.

                  For those who are curious, here is the link to the 2003 version: (5.49 kb)


                    LMAO, just had a match, and I fought some guy. We met inside the Torlan Tower (the top where the Hellbender spawns.) and shot each other, at the same time, and hit.
                    You killed thing1
                    You were killed by thing1
                    You killed thing2
                    You were killed by thing2

                    I'm am not revealing either of the real names.


                      Wow, the chances of two hit-scan weapons hitting each other are so rare. Awesome that it can happen, though.


                        I don't believe you people sometimes, he makes a mutator you dont like so you flame him to death?

                        If someone offers you a piece of cake you dont like the taste of do you smash them over the head with a wine bottle?

                        If you dont like it dont download it.
                        Constructive criticism or no criticism.


                          Originally posted by Nemephosis
                          There is absolutely no way in hell you're going to intercept someone who grabs the Raptor and heads to the tower at the begiunning of the game unless you grab a Raptor and meet him there. And the one who lives through the dogfight gets to the tower.
                          Raptor can be easily shoot with InstaIon gun (1 shot). Once camper is on the tower you can take him out from the ground when he comes to the edge to shoot. And you have advantage - you know where the camper is - he don't know where you are.


                            I have finished new mutator I was writing about it few post ago. It is called InstaGib 4Ever and you can check it out here:

                            Since InstaGib 4Ever supersedes InstaIon mutator I hereby consider this thread as closed.
                            I would like to thank for all comments, including positive responses, constructive criticism as well as non-constructive immature kid's whining as even those posts helped this thread being popular.

                            I added few ideas that came up in this thread to my new mutator so if you didn't like this simple mut you may like InstaGib4Ever. And if you did like InstaIon you will love it!


                              Well I like both the old IonIG and the new one.

                              I like the choice to have the old gun mesh but there is no zoom IG with the old mesh? I would like to see that.

                              Now I am talking VCTF here not ONS. I think these work good for VCTF which is what I play and run a server for.

                              I Think that using IG in ONS is not such a good idea but thats what IG is, instant Gib or instant death!

                              That means to me if there is a pawn in the level like a player or a vehicle then its 1 shot death. Thats why I think think its good for IG VCTF.

                              I dont think power cores and power nodes figure into the equasion as far as being pawns in the level. Maybe later I will try it in ONS but to me ONS and IG just dont mix.

                              But for VCTF this is just what I been looking for! :up:


                                Originally posted by VenomZER0
                                The question is have you yourself actually played this mut with people?

                                Nodes take ages to build, theres no way you can defend one form getting hit once (not fully charged node)

                                On any map it will just be stale mate forever, as people will eventually just take the nodes down at their leisure. If nobody charged nodes in NW ONS, they would go down, now make it 2 shots from a hitscan weapon on an unchargable node and you see the problem.

                                Only way to defend is be PERFECT at long range...

                                Yes you said campers can be killed easily - that's true but not before s/he has wasted every node and vehicle in sight!
                                Also you would have to make the manta twice as fast minimum to stand a chance.
                                ummmmm now we need instanods