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    Originally posted by Hedge_o_Matic
    How is it possible to defend a stationary target like a power node from being hit 2 times by an instant-hit weapon from across the map? No node could survive to be fully activated.
    Well, with such attitude it's hardly possible. I'm sure you can do it. Just install InstaIon and try. You can start with bots. I'm certain you will be able to develop proper startegy yourself. :up:


      Originally posted by Jeenitals
      I'm just not gonna comment on this. Anyone else want to?
      When reading an answer to someone else's question I would advise you to to read the question to which answer replies as well.
      Trying to interpret an answer alone taken out of original context have no sense.


        The question is have you yourself actually played this mut with people?

        Nodes take ages to build, theres no way you can defend one form getting hit once (not fully charged node)

        On any map it will just be stale mate forever, as people will eventually just take the nodes down at their leisure. If nobody charged nodes in NW ONS, they would go down, now make it 2 shots from a hitscan weapon on an unchargable node and you see the problem.

        Only way to defend is be PERFECT at long range...

        Yes you said campers can be killed easily - that's true but not before s/he has wasted every node and vehicle in sight!
        Also you would have to make the manta twice as fast minimum to stand a chance.


          Bad idea. :down:

          You've made it so that Onslaught is locked in an endless stalemate. Since it only takes one shot to take out a node, the game ain't gonna advance anywhere, as any node being built will instantly be sniped out.

          Not worth my time to download.


            I think its rude that you guys judge without even trying the mutator. I just tried it out, and it wasnt so bad. In fact, i had fun holding my position in the center node of Acendancy, killing bots before they can reach for the trigger. Its really fun, and you guys should try it sometime.

            Problems though

            First, I see no use for a levithan/tank. THey are slow and they just blow up fast. Either make them stronger or give them huge weapons.

            Other than that, its fun to play sometimes.


              But as mentioned, how does it play online? Online with people who know they can destroy a node from a mile away?

              I'm usually indifferent to IG, whatever floats your boat, but this mut does seem really redundant.

              I'll add 1 piece of advice I think could be infered as constructive. If you don't want to balance you mut in terms of node damage, than at least include the vehicle arena in the code itself. It may seems strange to have the same code when the server could just activate VA, but it'll just make it easier for the user.

              Or maybe if the distance of the shot was lessened so people had to get closer to nodes? Most IG players are used to smaller maps as I understand it anyway.


                I just downloaded and tried this with only Skilled bots in ONS-Primeval, and I don't think I need to see anymore. This honestly has to be one of the worst mutators I've ever seen. While it's a nice effort that you're trying to make iONS, this just made the mode extremely pointless, boring, and ridiculously repetitive. You have no way whatsoever to power up the nodes after you activate them, so you have to hope to god they charge up before someone runs over and shoots it down when they're connected (IF they even get connected). The only reason I won the match I played was due to the bots being so low of level, and I can only imagine what happens with Godlike bots (not to mention highly skilled players). If you'd like some suggestions on making this remotely playable, I'll list some here:
                • Please god take off the one-hit kills for most vehicles. You're ruining the vehicles by doing this, and it only makes people want to run around instead of becoming a huge freaking target in a manta. Make it do 100 damage or something instead, because at least then people have a small chance to get out and fight back.
                • If you seriously want the vehicles to only be used 'for speed,' then you really should consider speeding them up yourself. Make them all have double or triple normal speed, and completely remove all their weapons. Right now the vehicle weapons aren't IG, so what's the point of having them?
                • Make the nodes charge in a flat, set time of around 2-3 seconds. Also you could make the nodes take more than 1 shot for the nodes, possibly 2?
                • The powercores are pathetically weak now that it takes only 3 shots to destroy such a huge target. Upping the # of shots needed to around 5 would probably make it a bit better.

                Hope those suggestions help, but for now I can't rate this highly at all. I can't even see a scenario where people would play it for fun because it just makes Onslaught and Assault so...pointless.


                  i'm pretty sure someone has already made this mutator. actually i know for a fact they have. *Xx_ZER01_xX* made this a while back. the way he set it up is the alt fire for the gun is the link beam, the primary only does normal shock rifle damage to vehicles, but instagib (one shot one kill) damage to players. and he made a custom skin as well.

                  original thread

                  Name: XxxXInstaGibONSv3
                  Date: 3-19-04
                  Last Update: 4-23-04
                  Compatibility: UT2004
                  Download: Here

                  regardless if instagib is supposed to be in ONS or not. this mut is a repeat. i wouldn't play using it, but i checked it out. here's a screenie of ZER01's. (alt. fire mode)





                    doing this for the first time

                    i dont believe (in my own eyes) that i have ever writen anything that wasn't constructive critism(as aqquired in the rules) but i think i have to skip the rules to say what this really is... this (from what i have read in the description and from what i have read in the other replies) the most donkey-sucking ****eating mutater EVER made!! I mean... good job working(hard work i guess, since i know nothing of coding) on this to make it playable but i think you should have posted about it in idea sharing first, and you would have seen that it was pointless to make 'cause no1 would like it ...i only have one thing to say

                    "Pick rhymes with ****, and you're a ******!"
                    (beautifully said by Fredryk Phox in the albinoblacksheep video)


                      Unique idea. I don't see why it's not possible to assault a node now; if you go in with 3 people against a lone guy defending a node, you're bound to succeed. I had a mut like this that gave you the modified link gun as the only weapon with instagib primary and link gun secondary. It was quite heated in Chainisle atleast. I think the idea of reducing the range is a good one too, to prevent sniping/camping with instant kills all the time. The risk/reward ratio seems screwed up there.

                      I'll give this mut a try.



                        I kind of like this but I see one problem

                        instagib rifles are good shots, if you are defending a node there is no chance in heck your gonna actually get the node created!

                        you need to make the instagib rifle take like 3 shots to create node.


                          I played this, and it's quite frantic (only tried with bots, though). I think you should make the alt fire fire "healing" shots that heal the nodes with about 1/2 the power of the regular shots. Remove zoom capability, and add a distance limit. If teams are exactly even in terms of skill, though, you'll come to a stalemate; but that'll happen even without this mutator.


                            Originally posted by ElementFire
                            Unique idea. I don't see why it's not possible to assault a node now; if you go in with 3 people against a lone guy defending a node, you're bound to succeed.
                            That's not the problem. The problem (one of many, that is) is that it's WAY too EASY to destroy a node.


                              This is true. I still suggest that the secondary fire heal the nodes rapidly. This can yet be balanced and made totally fun.

                              UT2007? lol


                                Well, all those weapon modifications can be made as mutator's configurable options.
                                This include:
                                I) weapon's range - but I don't think its good idea. Most ut2004's InstantFire weapons has range limit 1000. But that's because 1) tracing is costful 2) maps in ut2004 predescesors were much smaller. So I would rather increase it (I find it really annoying when you can't hit target because weapon's beam is too short )

                                II) weapon's power. Default Super Shock Rifle damage is 1000. But this can be made configurable - let's say from 100 to 1000 (this case will always kill walking player, but vehicles can survive longer)

                                III) Healing alt-fire. I don't like link gun's altfire in instagib kind of rifle but I could do something like healing shock beam (short ranged) or maybe better - healing shock projectile (like shock rifle's alt fire - energy balls that could heal nodes and vehicles). Healing power would be also configurable (let's say 50-500).

                                Right now I have an idea how to incorporate original super shock rifles into vehicle games - and do it that way so they work correctly (inflict full damage to vehicles ). I'm not sure if it will work yet, if I find litle time I'll try to do it. If I succeed I'll add some of these options to this new mutator.