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    Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
    The music to use is specified in the map's LevelInfo (i.e. in the level properties), which means the name of the music file is fixed. Music files are just standard OGG Vorbis files, so nothing prevents you from replacing them.
    Yep. I've replaced all of the regular UT2004 music with longer (15-30 minute) tracks. I like most of the regular UT2004 soundtrack, they're just too short and repetitive for me, especially when playing invasion maps for 45 minutes. My mixes include songs from UT, UT3, Timesplitters, Metroid Prime, Tekken, etc. A few oggs are actually the UT2004 songs, just converted into a single file. I've been meaning to post my custom stuff, but I've never gotten around to it.

    For example:
    KR-Action1.ogg has firebr + Three Wheels Turning (2 loops) + Superfist (2 loops) + Razorback + KR-Action1 + firebr (From UT)
    KR-Corrugation-Rise.ogg has Defector + KR-Corrugation-Rise + Frozen Babylon + Forgone Destruction + Mekalopolis + Necrimanci (from UT3)

    I do have one pack posted though. These are custom songs used on my server, and include a lot of common custom song files, a few are replacements/extended mixes.

    Also the DL for the song for this level works now.


      You can also press F11 for UT2004 music player while you're in the game. Click the folder and add OGG files from the Music directory of UT2004 to your playlist. You can also add MP3 files from your computer too if you wish.


        I've been playing UT a looooong time. I know that. The built in-player fails to play a lot of MP3 files, and tends to crash when adding large quantities of files. If you're going to go that route, it's better to use Winamp or another player in the background with global hotkeys so that you can skip songs easily. I prefer extended oggs because levels have a certain mood, and you can think of your ogg as a playlist.


          all better

          Music's all better now.......thanks jefe and Wormbo!