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UT Cache Cleaner 2004 Pro has been officially released!

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    dont like to pay but cool utility


      Originally posted by Phantom Helix™
      ok what does this actually do?

      ive read the description that it moves your cache files but what does that mean? how does that effect your game? what benefits does moving your chache files have?
      I don't know the specifics of this particular tool but the basic idea is...

      When you play online on a server that's running either a mod, mutator, map, soundpack etc. that you don't currently have, the server MAY push said items to your client (either directly or via redirect).

      UT places the new files into the ut2004/cache folder and will automatically use them whenever you need them. While they're in the cache UT uses an internally generated name to identify them, the cache.ini file contains the name mappings. You can't use them offline though AND after a period of time (30 days?) UT will automatically purge them (I think).

      A cache cleaner tool, copies the files from the cache, renames them to their correct names and places them into the correct folders (i.e. maps, textures, static meshes, animations etc).

      Feature rich tools will allow you to pick and choose what to take from the cache; purge stuff you no longer want; take backups etc.


        Originally posted by MatG
        So maybe you did spend some time on your utility and maybe its a musthave, but when you wanna charge people for using it, then i think its :down:
        Or you can just download the free version. Why are there people who seem unable to comprehend this?


          Nobody's forcing you to buy it. It even has a *FREE* trial. Don't people have a right to charge for a program they themselves wrote?

          I'd give it a whirl, but I'm already hooked to the UT2004 Map Installer, which has limited support for cached files in the UT2004 directory.

          You have almost a hundred paying-users? Very nice. Keep it up. That alone is proof that some people do feel that such software is worth buying, even when free alternatives are available.


            I have to say i really like this util ......not saying that i would pay for it because i could always manually do it myself ....BUT the free version is very nice ......its a very usefull and thank you