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UT Cache Cleaner 2004 Pro has been officially released!

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    UT Cache Cleaner 2004 Pro has been officially released!

    Name: UT Cache Cleaner 2004 Pro
    Version: 1.0.1
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Automatically moves all files or files you specify to their proper directories or directories you specify.
    Comments: My UT2003 version won 4th place in Phase2 of the Nvidia/Epic contest
    Help File:
    Credits: Rob Barbour aka [Twist]Shark_Killer, Epic/Atari for screenshots

    I personally don't like the idea to pay for this kind of product (when there's other free, similar programs)... but still looks pretty advanced.


      looks good, but there's no way i'll pay for this when there are similar tools that are free.


        I agree...the Pro version isn't for everyone, but there are many that fully utilize it. It really came down to the number of features, time required, and even supporting it, which is why I decided to charge for the Pro version.

        I hope to have the free version released later today, so check back at my website later.


          Wtf? Why pay for this when we can do it manualy? Plz, say whats special in this or else im :haha: :haha:


            The best way to see what makes my utility so unique is to download the Pro version and use it free for the 7 day trial.
            If none of the features are appealing, then you can either use my free version or another utility.

            You can also take a look at the online help file that's listed above or just visit the site to get more details.

            I've tested the majority of other cache utilities and none that I found even comes close to the functionality I built into this version.


              Just a matter of time until someone makes a cache cleaner like this for free. Also, i'd like to point out that besides the cache backup compression slider, all of that can be done for free.


                I'm sure someone somewhere will make one close to this, but nobody has done so yet. In fact I seriously doubt anyone will duplicate the functionality due to the amount of time it would take and the fact that UT2004 is already out. Plus I have several major upgrades on the way that will make the Pro version even more valuable for the power user.

                All can be done for free? Of course...most anything can be done for free, but at what expense of time and effort?
                My app packages everything into one solid program that has matured greatly since UT was first released.

                If you don't want or need the capabilities in the Pro version, then don't buy it...please...just use my FREE version without all of the bells and whistles.



                  wtf! what time...and what effort? ur talkin about the others as if they take hours to clean and move your cache. and even if your talking about minutes, UT Cache Manager does that in les than 10 seconds... FOR FREE. without all these fancy options that no one needs, you might argue, but we all know most of us dont need them. Just load the program, simply select the files, and choose from moving to deleting, and many more options. How dare you have the nerve to charge us. you can charge if you want, but i doubt any1 is going to buy it. and if many people do, my heart will simultaneously explode when i hear it.

                  So if you want a no-nonsense, full effective, cache manager

                  go to here for the thread

                  or here for the download


                    Like all software in this world - there are other makers with different options.
                    The one you listed is fine for basic operations and there are several others as well, but mine goes far beyond that.
                    Do you think that might be the reason my last version actually impressed people at Nvidia/Epic and why they gave me an award???

                    You obviously have no clue what writing programs like this take - hours of programming, testing, beta testing, etc..,. If you don't want the Pro version, then PLEASE don't buy it - just use my FREE version.

                    Let's put it this way...I haven't quite reached 100 registered users, but will soon. Tell your next of kin to let us know...


                      "How dare you have the nerve to charge us." ... wow, some people are clueless. if you dont like it, dont use it. period. looks like a good utility, i hope you get some purchases.


                        SharkKiller is an awesome guy. We have been fragging for a while now and his tools are always impressive.

                        If I played UT more, it would be a must have. the new job, gf, car combo has me pretty busy at the moment.

                        Great work shark, Im sure a lot of people will enjoy using this! :up:


                          I highly recommend SharkKiller's programs. I first found his program when I was looking for a UT2003 manager. I was hooked right off the bat, and it was so much better than anything else that was out there. I updated my UTgoty manager to his version aswell. (Heck, I even donated to his site I was so impressed with what he made. ) Simply put he has made the best cache manager programs to date, and I think he will continue to update and make the best. Paying for the pro version is your option, you get the ability to do more with the program. There is still a free version available.

                          Pro and Free versions are located on this page

                          Either way you go, your getting the best cache manager out there. PERIOD. :up:

                          Great work again SharkKiller. I have patiently waited for your 2004 release. :heart:


                            ok what does this actually do?

                            ive read the description that it moves your cache files but what does that mean? how does that effect your game? what benefits does moving your chache files have?


                              Originally posted by SharkKiller
                              All can be done for free? Of course...most anything can be done for free, but at what expense of time and effort?

                              If you don't want or need the capabilities in the Pro version, then don't buy it... !!
                              Time ? Effort ??
                              Hmm.. nobody has charged me for downloading maps, mod and etc.., yet ! But with your style you might start a new policy :-(

                              Maybe you utility is awesome and usefull, but so are many other things in here in this great Community :-D

                              Look at the game, you get a great game, free editor and the developers of UT2K4 also took some time to show how to use the editor.

                              So maybe you did spend some time on your utility and maybe its a musthave, but when you wanna charge people for using it, then i think its :down: