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UZTool 1.1.0 (easy UZ2 utility)

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    UZTool 1.1.0 (easy UZ2 utility)

    Here is a small tool for Unreal-Tournament 2004 I made in 3 days. Just for programming pleasure.

    UZTool is a very small and simple tool to manage UZ2 files for Unreal-Tournament 2003 and 2004.
    It's the easiest because it integrates its functions in the Windows Explorer.
    It's an easy way to make and extract UZ2 files for your server or extract originals files from UT2004 disks.

    - Before installing the software you need to get the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 (24 Mo)
    - Run UZTool-setup.exe and follow the instructions.

    Launch the software by clicking on the new icon on your desktop.
    The first time you run it, UZTool search the UCC.exe path. If it doesn't find it, please select its folder with the showed windows (ex: c:\UT2004\system\)
    It's done.

    Use UZTool:
    To decompress an UZ2 file, just right click on it and select one of the three options:
    - "Extract here" decompresses the file in the current folder
    - "Extract to..." decompresses the file in another folder
    - "Configure UZTool" run the software if you want to change the UCC.exe path

    To compress a file into UZ2 file, just right click on it:
    - "UZ2 Compress" creates the UZ2 file in the current folder

    Download UZTool 1.1.0 (313 ko - for Windows)


    Bumpage for kick-butt utility. :up:


      I don't get what all these **** utilities are about?


        It is one of the nicest ones so far, works with other UnrealEngine based games utilizing UZ2.....

        I've also used this with "Dead Mans Hand"


          I've downloaded it but then after i register, there's no button to continue on to compress.. it just sits there. I save and then reopen and it's just the same thing. I'm going crazy in houston with this redirect process and i bet it's really easy.


            After you've hit "register" you can close that window and never open it again. Just right-click any file you want to compress and you'll see a "UZ2 Compress" option now in the pop-up menu. I've been using this forever, it's quickest and easiest way to compress to uz2, love it.