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    MapMixer v2.00

    Name: MapMixer
    Version: v2.00
    Compatability: UT2004

    MapMixer is a Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004 that gives you extended control over your game by helping to manage the options that maps are invoked with. It allows you to easily personalise settings for each map, including Game Type, Mutators, Player Counts and Bot Skill. MapMixer provides it's own map list system which includes the ability to handle game types on a per map basis. Think of it as a configurable extension to the way you use UT2004 in either single player or network games with server and client support.

    MapMixer is not a voting system - it provides a way of easily managing elements of the game for people playing on their own or admins setting up network games. If used in combination with voting systems, MapMixer is designed to allow these other external systems to invoke map changes.

    The mutator started off as a small project to incorporate list shuffling and map list navigation into UT2003 but as time went by it evolved to incorporate a much larger range of administrative facilities. When UT2004 was released, MapMixer was overhauled and converted for the new game.




    Finally sinx has released the official version (v2.00) of this great little utility. He's worked **** hard on this and I love this utility to bits.

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Been waiting for this!


      Nice - I've been replaced since UT2004 as the Mapmixer notifier




          Does this work in conjuction with map vote? IE, only maps matching the current criteria would show up in the map vote (IE there are 6 players on the server, no 12 people maps should show).


            Does it allow multiple gametypes?

            SO iplay a map in DM, then it moves on to onslaught, then to AS etc?


              Originally posted by DUFFMAN!
              Does it allow multiple gametypes?
              Yes, gametype switching is there.


                4 June 2004
                » ******! »[02:00:54] by:sinx
                As we say here in Australia: "******!". And in this case it is literally true.

                In my race to get MapMixer 2 out before June 6th (MSUC Phase3 closing date), a couple a little bugs got missed. My apologies for this and I will be releasing a new MapMixer 2.00 package within the next 24 hours.

                So check back!


                  Thanks digital ****** for this post - ya beat me to it!

                  I wished I'd had say another two weeks before the MSU Phase 3 deadline coz that would have given me enough time to complete the one last feature I wanted to implement in v2.00 - Custom Gametypes.

                  Nevertheless I'm pretty happy with how the final release for UT2K4 turned out.

                  I've actually started work on v2.1 already - Custom Game Types are well on the way. If you are familiar with custom game types that we've seen in map voters then you'll understand what this will be. Although, in this instance it will have a bit more gui-ness.

                  Thanks to everyone for their support.




                      So is this compatable with UTvot42?


                        So is this compatable with UTvot42?
                        MapMixer completely takes over the map list system of UT and replaces it with a separately managed system. This is due to the fact that I've had to work in a lot more options and it was just easier for me to redo it in my own way to allow for some greater flexibility. I'm not downing the UT map list system! - I just needed to do things differently.

                        Now, this means that MapMixer has to be open to the fact that other external systems like map voters might invoke a map change. MapMixer hooks into every server travel event and gives the okay to externally invoked map switches, so theoretically anything else should be able to invoke a successful server travel. An example of this working is with the UT "switchlevel" console command.

                        So there's the theory. Now in reality, I haven't had time to check that other systems are 100% compatible - so the final answer to your questions is "yes in theory".


                          Sinx has posted a little update on his site.

                          " I have already started work on the next version. The only reason I released mapmixer 2.00 at this time was the MSUC Phase 3 deadline.

                          I've just implemented Custom Game Types in MapMixer and am currently testing it. I did this quicker than I anticipated. This basically let's you create your own variant of standard game types by specifying Game Rules and Mutators as well as Map Prefixes. You can use these custom game types throughout MapMixer. We've all seen Custom Game Types before, such as in map voters, but the inclusion into mapmixer will provide for even more flexibility.

                          The Map Info that appears on the right bottom of the HUD now appears as well when you join a game. This is important because it lets you see the name of the current game type when you start playing, which could be a custom game type.

                          When things progress a bit more I will release a beta."

                          Teaser screenie



                            Alpha version of MapMixer 2.10 available.

                            This is not an official release and is only intended for people who are interesting in trying out a new version that is indevelopment. If you don't like ant farms then I would leave this one alone.





                              I tried MapMixer a while ago, then when I came back to UT the next day, ONLY Onslaught game type is listed now. I tried throwing all files that said MapMixer away but it didn't work. I can't play anything other then Onslaught now. Hope someone can help.