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    I'm not a huge minecraft fan but this is awesome sauce. Thank you Jefe.

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    nice map any chance for a ONS version

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    Very well done, great layout. It definitely is a fun map to play in.
    It would really cool also if the weapons were box shaped.
    Like a rectangular Rocket Launcher, or have the Bio-Rifle have a box for the goo, funny to see a square globling sliding down the wall.

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    My son likes the map, but prefers UT3 over UT2004. Also, neither of us like the grenade map though!

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    DM in Minecraft LOL whoever thunk it; my son plays this game and it looks really good as far as I can tell. This is my first DM or any UT for many months now and it was fun! Looks like it captured the visuals and atmosphere of Minecraft and was enjoyable. I would add more weapon pickups and a larger default botload, but still works. Love the big keg.
    (will comment on new features this week > not sure what the new features are from A22 to Final, but I did like the various music tracks) Will be showing this to my son either tomorrow or Saturday.

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  • started a topic DM-UTCraft


    DM-UTCRAFT (v1.0)

    A Minecraft village, set on a small island at sunset! It's great for invasion and has a lot of hiding places and secret passages. I strived to make it looks as accurate to Minecraft as possible (with a few intentional exceptions) while also making it play well in UT2004. I hope you enjoy this map!

    This map includes a music mutator that picks a random Minecraft song (thank you, Great Emerald!) when the map loads. It works automatically, so you DO NOT need to activate it on your mutator list. In addition, you will find jukeboxes spread around the island - press "E" to play that jukebox's song.

    I used DGUnreal's ambient voice actor for the various ambient mob sounds, which randomizes the location and directions of the sounds. There are various triggered sounds that play when you grab a pickup or visit a certain zone.

    I designed a bunch of meshes and pickups to make UT2004 stuff match the look of Minecraft. There are also some paintings in the level; some are from straight from Minecraft, one is of a beam warlord from the Disastrous Consequences server, two others are based on artwork from UT99 and UT2003. There are a number of signs in the level that show the top player's name and score, among other things.

    I should have released the final version of this map like a year ago, but better late than never, right?




    How to install:

    Version History:




    All other custom meshes and textures by Jefe.
    "Multi Adrenaline" (green adrenaline) based on DGUnreal's version.
    "DG_AmbientVoice" actor by DGUnreal.
    Random Music script by Jefe and Great Emerald.
    One music file name is the same as the one used in AS-MinecraftRace (MCRaceTheme.ogg) This version includes 3 songs (Calm3, Calm2, Calm1) rather than just one (Calm3.)

    Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback and ideas, including Muir, Dragon7350, Hollon, Imperial, Cancer, Demonslayer, Ollievrthecool, Budboy and Robosaber.
    P.S. This is all Muir's fault!


    This is a fan-made project. It must be distributed for free and may not be sold.

    You can use my assets for any not-for-profit project, just credit me AND send me a message about it. If you use any MINECRAFT assets from this map, you must credit MOJANG.

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