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Vampire for Invasion & Vehicle Invasion 1.3

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    Vampire for Invasion & Vehicle Invasion 1.3

    Title: Vampire Invasion Mutator for Invasion & Vehicle Invasion
    Version: 1.3 (this version fixes the scoreboard for multiplayer clients)
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Makes Invasion & Vehicle Invasion more intense and competitive points based.
    Full Description: A small mutator for UT2004 which optionally awards players health for monster kills, and optionally allows for players to respawn right after death to keep playing, only suffering the -10 points penalty. It also optionally disables vehicle run over damage for monsters which used to make Vehicle Invasion trivially easy. Squash damage can still be applied when a monster is squished against a wall (see Notes section in the readme). These values are configurable (see Configuration section in the readme).

    This mutator is influenced by the .oWo.TallyHo! mutator ( info:!readme.html & ) for Unreal Tournament which arguably influenced Epic to create Invasion for UT2004. TallyHo! awarded health for monster damage &kills which made the game play very intense (harder waves + more monsters!!), it also allowed players to quickly get back into the action after a death which only incurred a points penalty.

    version 1.3 fixes support to make the U2Creatures.Tosc move fasters and shoot faster projectiles. This was broken in previous versions. The only other creature this mutator considers is the U2Creatures.HeavyAraknid. See the mutator's ini file
    version 1.2 fixes the scoreboard for multiplayer clients
    version1.1 Adds a more appropriate end game to Invasion for this mutator to show the score board when the match finishes.

    Download: HERE

    Sound pretty cool, I'll have to check it out.