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    Here it is, my first completely self designed/conceptualized map 'DM-1on1-Soaring'. It is set in a strange museum featuring brutal z-axis, an incredibly dense layout, a very smooth flow, countless hiding spots, enough room and many possibilities for wicked movement, a lot of prediction and relatively low visibility to make all weapons viable. While mindless charging won't get you far here, strategically playing and predicting your opponent's movement will be the key to dominating this map.

    As with all my maps 'DM-1on1-Soaring' is optimized for competitive cups and received a lot of testing to ensure maximum playability. The bright colors and the green plants were used to make the player feel comfortable. I also tried really hard to create and use meshes for actual gameplay purposes like providing more enclosed rooms, allowing for interesting dodging/hiding spots or helping with orientation.

    A big shout-out goes to ACo, BeaR, Donzi, DSK, F51, lo2dk, SamRo, shad3, ShX, skAven, skl, sMolz, stab1lo, Sulaco and t1mzz for their extensive testing, helpful feedback and kind support. Both SamRo and skAven also gave great feedback on my scratched layout designs. Additionally skAven has continued to relentlessly try to make me understand how this game really works and elevated my mapping efforts a lot.

    As a marketable excuse for felling world's last tree, and robbing the handful of remaining animals of their last natural habitat, mankind built this huge concrete building exhibiting what can only be described as an artificial replica of what we used to call 'nature'. This museum now stands as a symbol of a time before humanity sacrificed it's once living and breathing world for it's own boundless greed and growth.

    Some visitors still claim to hear birds chirping their songs as they fly, freely soaring through the sky.

    Google Drive (zip):
    Google Drive (7z):
    Google Drive (rar):
    Dropbox (zip):
    UTzone (7z):
    UnrealNorth (zip):
    FileFront (zip):
    Mapraider (zip):
    UT-Files (zip):


    Cheers guys, have fun!

    Looking at screenshots, I thought to myself no way the colours are that good. Trying the map amazed me how much brightness and colours it has.
    I like the map, but found a bug next to elevator hope you will fix it. If you try to take/dodge into (curved)/ left side of elevator you will stuck in wall, in other words you are forced to use that elevator, or you are stuck in wall.


      Stuff like that happens only in rare funky situations and is an epic games bug. All maps have it and the only known workaround is to place a blocking volume around all walls which are pertruding 1 grid space out of the wall. I dont really like this solution because it slightly messes with the feeling of the map because wall dodges are not exactly where they are supposed to be and splash damage is also slightly reduced.

      So yea if you don't intentionally dodge into the wall but more to the right which you want anyway then its not really gonna happen


        That looks pretty cool, yea. I like the Rankin-esque feeling but with a twist.

        I hope you also remembered to name all the zones and apply ZoneSound effects?


          Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
          That looks pretty cool, yea. I like the Rankin-esque feeling but with a twist.

          I hope you also remembered to name all the zones and apply ZoneSound effects?
          Thanks, yes of course


            Great map, flows pretty good and I love the style - sort of like Rankin with a lot of green color added. What's missing is a bit of red like in DM-Redkin.


              Originally posted by UnShame View Post
              Great map, flows pretty good and I love the style...

              Btw I have added more mirrors and put the map on public ut-files redirect. It's on Mokum-X servers now


                When I look at a barren industrial map I always think could use some nice plants. Good map!