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[Character] July v2

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    [Character] July v2

    Since I've been updating my old stuff recently, I thought I'd fix this one as well.

    Here's the changelist:
    1) Remade her right hand and fixed neck;
    2) Specular mask is now less shiny and more detailed. Looks closer to the original render.
    3) Added 4 team color support.
    4) Moved her eyes to the body shader to avoid glitching caused by the transparent hair.
    5) Added a subtle ambient occlusion layer to the body texture.
    6) Made a few other very minor texture and topology tweaks.
    7) Added jefe's bio to the package.
    I have to say, I liked it a lot and I think I owe a thanks to him. Unfortunately I wasn't even subscribed to the forum thread back then so I discovered it a few years later.
    Thanks, jefe.


    Oh, almost forgot about it. The blue team color is now actually blue, not teal

    Oh, July is your work too? July is a good model. Nice work.


      some nice tweaks on already nice model