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[Mutator] Bot Manager 8.0

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    [Mutator] Bot Manager 8.0

    Bot Manager allows you to dynamically manage bots from within a running game. You can add, kill, change skill and switch team of a named bot or a specified number of bots. This allows for all kinds of different bot setups which is especially useful for offline and LAN play but also online servers where the host is present to adjust the amount, team and skill of bots depending on the game type, map or player skill.

    I have always wanted to manage the bots in UT2004 more dynamically and change the setup frequently depending on game type, map and mood (few high skilled bots or many low skilled ones). And then I found BotManager. So I took the core concept and completely rewrote it to fix all issues and make it a bit more powerful. The new version is released with permission from the original author - FlakMagnet.

    This is the complete list of changes I have done:

    - Completely rewrote code
    - Added bot team switching via mutate SwitchRedBotTeam/SwitchBlueBotTeam
    - Added bot skill changing via mutate SkillBot/SkillRedBot/SkillBlueBot
    - Added option to disable spectating while bots are in the game to fix randomly adding or removing bots when players switch spectator state
    - Fixed adding/removing random bots whenever players join/leave
    - Fixed adding/removing bots in Instant Action (offline standalone game)
    - Fixed saving bots after players joined/left
    - Fixed some warnings when adding/removing bots
    - Fixed auto adding bots on match start instead of after an arbitrary time
    - Fixed removing named bots using the in-game GUI
    - Non-team commands now automatically call red-team commands in team games if no specific bot name was supplied except for SkillBot command which affects the specified number of bots from both teams

    I would also like to thank Wormbo for some useful advice and also FlakMagnet for the original BotManager.

    Hopefully some people will be happy about this new version

    Source Code:

    Download (Google Drive):
    Download (Dropbox):
    Download (UTzone):