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    I like the "last few infected idea in the config" idea, that would keep players from starting out infected twice in a row. And remember this isn't a "competitive" gametype by any means - part of the fun is the randomness, I don't think people would mind starting out infected too much, because you can still score as an infected, and chasing down real players is challenging. One other thing you could do is make the game choose the random infected as a bot or at least "weigh" them more, and if there aren't any bots, then consider real players.


      i like this game mode its cool and fun but the AI seems to be very noob at touching when they are infected... and another thing is in DM-GESTALT i was getting into the secret place where you can get there only by jump Elevatro boosting AND i sit there the last men who didnt infected... and i sit.. and i was like "NANANANANA!!! YOU NEVER GET ME HERE! *Tongue*" and after i killed them many times they think "Hm maybe we should not go there so we wont get killed" xD you should realy fix that xD and also maybe because im playing with experienced AI.. maybe thats why they are soo noobs...


        It would be interesting if no weapons were involved in the game type, basing it purely upon movement.


          Did you remove the green HUD effect? I didn't see it when I tested it online.

          Speaking of that, if anyone wants to test it online, it's votable on my server:


            @maxim123: Unfortunately it is the mappers responsibility to setup the bot navigation within the map. Obviously there are going to be maps where bots cant reach you which is not an issue for deathmatch but it is for Virus. So yeah that sucks, but is not fixable for me

            @{TARD}-C3nT: This was an awesome idea and playing pure infection tag is now possible as of 1.4. Here are the 5 minute infection tag configs: GoalScore=999, TimeLimit=5, bRandomFirstVirus=True, bAllowWeapons=False, bAllowSuperweapons=False, bAllowPickups=False, bAllowAdrenaline=False.

            @jefe: This was actually a replication issue related to the the black vignette and since I did not like it too much either especially with the random infection now added I decided to remove it again (green one is still in). Actually the longest time to fix took another rather serious replication issue related to the infection emitters but that is now fixed as well. Btw I would love to see how players play it online so I might check out your server someday

            Version 1.4, which might be the last version, has been published. I hope you like it


              Originally posted by jefe View Post
              The reason the mod has bright green flames:

              That said, I played with this on my server a bit, and the green flames are really hard to see through. As you see in the video, TS2 only has the green flames around the edges of your vision, not in the center at all. And as I suspected, it's pretty hard to tag human players. So a larger "virus" radius would be appreciated. Also due to the really short matches, a round system (best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5) would be great.... some of my players were still downloading maps by the time the game was over.
              I missed that game. I wouldn't mind if someone could bring the Homing Launcher from TS2 to UT2004.


                Hey again,

                so after getting some more feedback and finding some remaining issues I decided to release one more version of Virus. A big thank goes to jefe who tested the beta on his server. Virus 1.5 is considered to be the final version, I hope you like it