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[Mutator/Map pack] Unreal Christmas tree and pickup bases (updated Dec 2015)

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    [Mutator/Map pack] Unreal Christmas tree and pickup bases (updated Dec 2015)

    A Christmas tree I made 4 years ago for the UT2004 servers.
    Didn't post it here before probably because I totally forgot about it when the holidays ended.

    The package includes static meshes, texture files and three original UT2004 maps with the Christmas tree:

    It's a second version, i fixed a few things, changed the UV layout, baked some lighting, added lights in UEd, created better collision.

    More screenshots here

    If you want to decorate another map with this stuff the best way to do it i think will be to copy and paste all of the lights and meshes (the tree is split in 4 parts) from one of my maps.
    Otherwise you will have to set up a lot of lights and coronas and align the meshes manually (see readme).

    The tree might be a bit laggy on older PCs, probably because of the amount of moving transparent textures (I didn't know how to make emitters back then, so the flames were made as a part of the tree staticmesh).
    I get 170 fps in the Christmas tree area on DM-Xmas-Grendelkeep on my PC (Core i7 2600k, GTX 560ti) which is pretty low compared to the usual 300-400 fps.

    Updated 31.12.13

    So I actually finished it, although it seems a bit too late
    I modeled custom pickup bases for all weapons (click for a huge pic):

    And made these boxes for the powerups:

    I don't really like them but that was the only idea I could come up with.
    I also added 4 closed versions of the weapon gift boxes which are not related to anything in particular in case you have custom weapons or just need some additional decorations.

    I placed Redeemer on DM-Xmas-Grendelkeep, mostly for demonstration purposes, and replaced Lightning Gun on DM-Xmas-Compressed with a Sniper Rifle. Redeemer is located on the pipes above the 50 armor area. You will have to perform a precise double shield jump to get it - the map is too small for this weapon so i guess it's fair.
    And you can also find a Mine Layer in the vent shaft on DM-Xmas-Rankin.

    Updated 03.12.15

    Added a mutator replacing stock pickup bases with gift boxes. Mutator coding by meowcat, thanks again.


    Happy new year guys!

    Nice tree you have going there - Are there any other festive decorations in the maps? Lights strung up, presents strewn about (besides the weapon base ones)?


      The weapon bases look great, but they look a bit high poly, so it might be a good idea to optimize them a bit. I think it would be better if you didn't make each base specific to a particular weapon. One base for standard weapons, another base for super weapons, and then a few bases to replace wildcard/health/shields, etc. The other bases could be simple texture swaps, like a yellow/orange one for shields, and a light blue one for health, multi-colored stripes for wildcard, pink or purple for DD. It would be wonderful if these bases could be incorporated into Wormbo's Christmas mod so they could apply to all maps without editing them.


        Originally posted by Wail of Suicide View Post
        Are there any other festive decorations in the maps?
        Nope. It's all about the tree, there's a lot of details and stuff, you can check it out yourself.

        Originally posted by jefe View Post
        The weapon bases look great, but they look a bit high poly
        500 triangles for the shock rifle base and 800 for the link gun.
        What really could be optimized is the tree but I have no idea how to do it. Pretty much every triangle is there for purpose.

        I think that if you remove the lights and coronas, the tree itself could also be made as a mutator because it consists of 4 static meshes of the same scale and pivot point location. But I am no mutator creator so I added it to the maps manually.


          Great work on the tree and bases!


            Updated first post.


              Those pickup bases look beautiful! Nice job!


                Guys, I have a request. Can someone make a mutator for replacing default pickup bases with this stuff?


                  As in the case where you could specify, per weapon class spawned by a pickup base? Yeah, I should be able to pull some of my old YARM code to do that (I used to replace the weapon pickup bases with a generic wooden box), though it never really works all that well on client's computers. The relevant/unrelevance determination on the server seems to mess with bases.

                  Would you want to use a configuration file to specify which box to use (as in a bunch of staticmesh file path lines, one per weapon type), or just have it "hard coded" into the mutator?


                    I'm not sure, but there's nothing to configure really, all of the bases are obviously related to their weapons.


                      If I post some code are you good with adjusting/compiling it on your own? Or you could send me the models and textures and I could compile them into the same file as the mutator using the #exec commands.

                      [EDIT] Ok I got a mutator working just fine for listen server/stand alone games, all pickup bases can be replaced. My initial test for the network clients did not work, still testing further.

                      [EDIT 2] Got a version that works fine for standalone/servers, and appears to work fine on the clients too. Basically the mutator just hides the default pickupbases, and spawns a dummy actor over the top (with a function that makes a mesh selection based on the weapon type), since trying to use the function "SetStaticMesh" on the client's copies of the pickupbases was causing weird visual artifacts even though it worked fine for the standalone/server machines... go figure.


                        I'm a total idiot when it comes to coding, but everything you need is in the first post. There's a readme file describing which mesh goes where. Not sure if it's really necessary to put all of it in one file.


                          Downloading now. As long as the staticmesh/textures are in separate .usx and .utx packages from the maps, this should be easy.


                            Aberiu, I've emailed you the mutator and source code. Let me know if any changes are needed, otherwise it should be ready to go.


                              Download link updated.