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    Server Crash Recovery Map

    The crash recovery map is a special start-up map for dedicated UT2004 servers. Its only purpose is to immediately switch to a different map, based on various conditions. There is no need to upload it to a redirect server, because switching should be fast enough so clients never actually see this map running.

    This map is compatible with all stock game modes and with high probability also supports all the custom game modes out there. Some custom modes that rely on specific map setups may log warnings, but that should not affect the functionality of the recovery map itself.

    To use the recovery map, replace the startup map name in your UCC Server command line with the name RecoveryMap. Other URL information are still required, such as the game mode (the recovery map defaults to standard deathmatch otherwise), mutators, and so on. For example:
    ucc server RecoveryMap?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame?mutator=OnslaughtBP.MutVehiclePickups
    The recovery map intentionally does not have a prefix, because it should not show up in any map list for voting or elsewhere. When the recovery map is loaded, it checks whether stock map voting is enabled. If so, it will attempt to use the map vote history to pick the least recently played map. If there are maps that have never been played before (sequence number 0 in the map voting history), the recovery map will pick one of those randomly. Otherwise the map with the highest sequence number, i.e. the least recently played map, will be picked. If built-in UT2004 map voting is not available, a random map from the game mode's map list is picked instead.

    Download link

    I just want to say thanks for making this. I haven't used it because I just went through a fairly lengthy process of getting my hosting provider to add a random map modification to the startup command line (they feel allowing customers to alter it themselves is a security risk) but had you released this a few months prior, I'd definitely be using it.


      What a great idea!