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    Time to release something from my box of UT2004 goodies that I produced over the years.

    Here's something I'll use for Halloween, a mutator that disables the scoring fanfares in BR or CTF games and replaces them by any set of configurable sounds! I included a package of the Halloween fanfares that we'll use on our server, they should make a good example.

    Download: (528 KB)
    Installation: simply extract into UT2004 directory
    Configuration: Fanfares.ini

    Configuration should be relatively straightforward. "Fanfares=" is a list of possible fanfare sounds to play. When a team scores, one is picked at random, and never the same two in a row. "bStopMusic", if set to true, will make sure that the music volume is set to 0 on the clients when a fanfare is played. Good if you want to add funky music! When it's done playing, the music volume is set back to what it was before. "bDisableFanfares" disables the original fanfares. If you like, you can set this to false and mix the original ones with the custom ones.

    (This has been battle-tested on our servers, but I honestly never tried it in Instant Action.)


    If there's anything like a mod out there, delete one of these. (not the first time this happens to me on this board, is something wrong with it?)


      Send kind PM to Flak, she'll do it.


        Usually you can delete your own post. Just in case you get to have yet another double-post, go to Edit Post => Go Advanced and tick the Delete box. You don't have to put a delete message/notification if you want to delete it without a trace. Adding such a message will display it in place of your post.