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[Vehicles] Hover tank collection

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  • [Vehicles] Hover tank collection

    After a period of beta testing, I am proud to present the final version of my hover tank collection.

    As a preview, I won't show screenshots, because they don't tell much about these vehicles. Instead, I created a few short video clips for each of the five unique hover tanks. Since then, the tanks have still changed a bit, but the videos should give you a good idea what's going on. (In case you wonder about the map, that's the Omni full vehicle loadout map.)
    • The Poltergeist is a one-seater with a heat ray and an energy shock wave as its fire modes. The heat ray works like that of the UT3 Darkwalker and is good for long-range attacks. The shock wave is a short-range attack that covers a relatively large area in front of the tank and can be used to get rid of pesky infantry and incoming AVRiLs, though it is a bit hard to time correctly.
    • The Firebug, an agile one-seater with dual flamethrowers. The flames are great for roasting enemy infantry or defending against AVRiL rockets. Unlike the other hover tanks, the Firebug can use its weapon to perform a fiery jump move that also has some damage output.
    • The Nekomata, a tank heavily inspired by Battlefield 2142 (any complaints about it should go to Crusha K. Rool, it's all his fault :P), but otherwise much like a Goliath. The video shows a standard minigun turret, but I actually exchanged that for a Gauss turret. The "Gauss Cannon" is a primary weapon from Descent 2 and I already used it for the Railgun Tank before. "Nekomata" means "forked cat" in Japanese and refers to a high-ranked cat demon.
    • The Nephthys is based on the Nekomata chassis, but equipped with a powerful singularity generator. Its primary fire mode looks much like that of the Paladin, but the projectile actually attracts nearby objects and implodes on impact. The alternate fire mode charges the point singularity until it turns into a full-sized gravity vortex. If you ever played Chaos UT for UT1 or UT200x, you will know what that means.
      Its secondary turret is a Lightning Gun with slightly higher damage output and rate of fire.
    • The Odin can be considered the "Hover Leviathan" of the collection. It is a bit larger and slower than the other tanks and can take quite some beating. Its main weapon is a focused ion cannon that takes a bit to charge before the shot, but then works a lot like a larger version of the Railgun Tank's main weapon. (see above) The shot is a lot weaker than that of a Leviathan, but definitely more powerful than any other standard vehicle - most vehicles are destroyed with one or two direct hits. The only downside it that the Odin's main turret is a bit hard to aim, as it is fixed forward and can only turn up and down.
      To prevent blind spots, the Odin has not just one, but actually two twin-link turrets. These can fire dual plasma shots or link beams that automatically lock onto enemy and friendly vehicles. Friendly vehicles and nodes can be healed, while enemy vehicles and nodes serve as energy source for the Odin's self-healing feature. Self-healing is not very efficient, less than 15% of the damage output is converted to repair the Odin.
    • And finally the Hover Goliath. It's the standard Goliath equipped with a hover engine. I didn't include a video for this, as you can easily imagine how it works.

    While the beta versions were "myLevel'd" in a modified Island Hop map, I decided to release this final version as separate package, along with a mutator that replaces stock vehicles. That way the hover tanks can be used on every map and game mode, be it Onslaught, Assault, Vehicle CTF or even Jailbreak. Instructions for myLeveling the package are available on the Unreal Wiki, but considering the package size, it might actually be a good idea to keep it separate.

    Download link

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    That Nephthys looks awesome fun.
    A Chaos-dispenser of mayhem and carnage.


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      I love it, i don't usually like many new vehicles but these look fun.


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        I feel like makeing a F-Zero themed funmap someday.
        Who likes the idea feel free to start a own project.