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KF-Train & KF-Incinerator Edited

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    KF-Train & KF-Incinerator Edited

    I made some changes to a few Killing Floor UT2004 maps. One of them is KF-Train by Corey.

    I replaced the transport vehicle for player spawn with a moving taxi cab.

    Also, used a moving taxi cab as money place where you get the cash and weapons. UPDATED: Moved the money and weapons to the back of the caboose extension.

    Then I revised another map, one that is made by Vanico, KF-Incinerator.

    I added a central spinning ledge that takes the player to the money supply.

    And I also added a couple of re-spawnable vehicles (toilet bowl carts).

    Download the maps here for KF-Train Revised, and here for KF-Incinerator Revised.. Or you can join MahloeehDnM KF252 server (IP: