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    Voicepack Collection

    hey all! first post ever! hopefully I'll get this right = )
    these are voice packs I have done or repackaged because I am extremely passionate about them
    & wanted them available for use with enough volume because I am a little hard of hearing, especially with Ballistic Weapons

    Compat: UT2004

    Name: HellDragon VPs 1

    Description: Collection of 10 voicepacks from various games

    -Ariah - Earth2160
    -Major Falkner- Earth2160
    -Captain Claw from Claw
    -Doctor Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (thanks Mom! for recording these for me, straight off the DVD's) (the one on L4Y was way too vulgar for my tastes)
    -Female Argonian from TES4 Oblivion
    -Female Dark Seducer from TES4 Oblivion
    -Male Imperial from TES4 Oblivion
    -U2John Dalton from Unreal 2
    -U2Meyer from Unreal 2
    -U2Raff from Unreal 2 (this vp is as good as I can get for now with limited material, although I don't think I can do much more with it)

    Topware Interactive, Midway (Earth2160)
    Monolith (Claw)
    DIC, SEGA (Doctor Robotnik)
    Epic Games, Legend Entertainment (Unreal 2)
    Bethesda Softworks (TES4 Oblivion)

    Download: HellDragon VPs 1.7z

    Name: HellDragon VPs 2

    Description: contains reworks of GreatEmerald's species pack which I did them for him to use but he never took them so here you go


    Credits: Epic Games, Legend Entertainment, & GreatEmerald

    Download: HellDragon VPs 2 U2.7z

    Name: HellDragon VPs 3

    Description: contains my very first vp work from Command & Conquer Renegade

    -DeadEye, EVA, FemaleMutant, GDIOfficer, GDIRocketOfficer, GDISoldier, Gunner, Havoc, Hotwire, Kane, Logan, Mendoza, Mobius, NodBlackHandElite, NodBlackHand, NodBlackHandHeavy, NodChemWarrior, NodEngineer, NodMutation, NodOfficer, NodRocketSoldier, NodSoldier, NodStealthSoldier, Patch, Sakura, Syndey

    Credit: Westwood Studios & Electronic Arts

    Download: HellDragon VPs 3.7z

    Name: HellDragon VPs 4

    Description: contains voicepacks I have ported or made playable. I have nothing to do with them other than that, all credit to the original authors


    BlackCat Games (Alien Swarm)
    Troopers Dawn of Destiny team (Rebel, Imperial trooper)
    Mars Wars team (RF)
    UT99 Unreal 4 Ever team (U4E Devil)

    Download: HellDragon VPs 4.7z

    Name: HellDragon VPs 5 UT3

    Description: When UT3 came out I immediately ported the voices over to UT2004, well before anybody else did that I know of, although I never shared them sadly until now, they may be surpassed by the newer packs but still I may have done something different that is likable who knows, give them a try anyway


    also made Robot, but can't seem to find it.

    Credits: Epic Games, Midway


    Name: HellDragon ChrisRedfield VP V2

    Description: his is my newest work and while I think its good enough to be a final version I would like to do more with it in the future, constructive criticism is welcome please



    Credits: CapCom (RE5, RE6, MVC3) & special thanks to tidel for gathering the sounds

    Download: ChrisRedfield.7z

    Name: HellDragon Duke Nukem VP

    Description: I wasn't planning on uploading this one because there are several already, but my friend talked me into it

    -DukeNukemHK (thank you Lopar, old friend, if you are still around)

    Credits: 3DRealms, Lopar-XL

    Download: HDHK DN.7z

    Name: HellDragon-HK ResidentEvil VPs

    Description: -updated-
    The Leon pack has been replaced with this little box of goodness that includes an updated quality Chris Redfield, a new Jill Valentine, of course good old LeonSKennedy, and the probably unheard of around here Kevin Ryman.

    Chris Redfield has only had some clips replaced with seemingly better quality ones, other than that it's the same although radio version is not updated nor included here, check above for that.

    Jill Valentine was a hard one to put together because of a lack of clips, only half the taunts were fillable sadly but I think it turned out ok, however I would like to improve this one to be more complete than it is except that source material is a little hard for me to get, thanks goes to Tidel for helping out with that.

    Leon is the same good cocky guy we knew in RE4 and here he is ready to mock you with a flak cannon and call you a senior, enjoy.

    Kevin Ryman I thought was going to be an impossible build since REOutbreak is a very rare game and the 2nd one has most of the voices disabled for the American version for some odd reason , but with a lot of work I managed to put this together, I hope you like it and for anyone here that is an RE fan maybe it will hit a nostalgia spot with the in-game sound effects such as Kevin being munched on by a zombie, enjoy.


    Credits: CAPCOM (Leon RE4, Chris RE5 and MVC3, Jill RE5 and MVC3, Kevin REOutbreak 1 and 2)

    Comments: I actually have done a few more, I upped the volume on all the original voices because of my hearing issues,
    if anyone wants those I should be able to dig them out and put those up for grab too, they are reworked and have missing unused clips added as well.
    I love voicepacks! and am happy to make more as long as people give me source material.
    sorry about the 7Zip format, its all I seem to be able to use right now :S

    i appreciate any feedback! thanks in advance! - HellDragon-HK

    also thank you tidel for reformatting this post

    the great thing about HellDragon's voicepacks are that you actually hear them through the roar of battle while using Ballistic Weapons.

    HellDragon meticulously goes through every single sound file and amplifies appropriately.

    recently for Chris Redfield, i gave him the annoying task of separating numerous voices out of a single unified wav file, which he did quite successfully.

    next time i hear a quiet, difficult to hear voicepack, i know exactly who to turn to for amplification.

    thank you HellDragon, for finally posting your collection, to share with the community.


      Yep, tidel, his VPs are just the finest. He PMed me a week ago and wait to see his many VPs though. He just set the TransientSoundVolume value for all his VPs to "1.0", some others are set to (equal to or more than 1.0) to make loud and clear.

      Only one thing about Chris Redfield VP: The sound files contains exclamation marks (!) on Taunts section; some few are missing here.


        Really? huh I thought for sure I caught all of those it didn't like for the Chris pack...hmm I'll look into it

        would you mind telling me the exact lines that don't work because so far they all worked when I checked it

        10-3-2012 edit

        Leon Kennedy pack up for grab now, enjoy and please leave feedback, thank you


          I think that's the issue I've found in Taunts section (also in the Others section), analyzing through UnrealEd. The TauntSound slots 37 and 45 are missing because you used an exclamation mark of your sound file.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	issuefound.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	92.9 KB
ID:	3249148 (marked in red circles)

          Don't use any special characters on your WAV file names (i.e.: &, @, !, etc.) except underscore and dash.

          You need to remove the exclamation marks (!) of your sound files to make available on the slots well. Rebuild your Chris VP (as well as radio version). Great sound quality as well!

          PS: Downloading 64-bit version of UT2004 patch 3369 and no crashing when I've got 150+ VPs.


            Ok taking longer to fix my overloaded UT2004 than I thought, so I decided ok I'll just go ahead and do it, the Chris Redfield vp has been updated although I am unable to do any kind of testing right now as just clicking DeathMatch in the menu crashes because of a few too many characters lol

            The link above in the first post has been replaced with the updated one, sorry it took so long to fix something so simple


              Hello everyone, just wanted to report Chris Redfield v2 is now obsolete except the radio version and the Leon pack has been replaced with a nice little box of RE goodies check it out