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    Solaris imagined the general layout of the map.
    I made the rest. The buggies things are discovered by a great team.
    In fact, this map is made by a team work.

    Contest :
    Tarturio is the second planet of the 3rd confederation system with a large ocean.
    After a long time of work, the start of the night, the sailors are going to the pub for a beer party.
    2 old ships wait in the port to be repaired or loaded. Usually, the barils are full of wines and sugers.
    During this time, the site is completly empty, the seagulls are the only life of the quiet place.
    Some young ******s decide to take the place for a funny game.
    After, you know the story.

    Number players : 10 vs 10
    Weapon : all without spider.
    Super weapon : redemer and ion cannon
    Vehicles : manta, hellbender, and one tank.

    The manta is used for the mantarun, and the bender for the defence only.
    Some jumpad help you too escape from the place.

    Some statichmeshs and textures has been made by Rachel alias Angel (or come from one of her map; a good one) .
    Thx very much for her.

    The link :

    "VCTF-Hetairu][Tortuga" anywhere
    "Hetairu_text.utx" inside \\ut2004\textures
    "Hetairu_ms.usx" inside \\ut2004\StaticMeshes
    "UT2k4 - Foregone Destruction.ogg" inside \\ut2004\music


    Enjoy or Cry

    Tried the map out and generally liked it:
    1. The ships are particularly nice as bases
    2. Bots seemed to maneuver around well
    3. The lights and details are nice

    The only recommendation I'd make if an update were to be made later:
    1. Add some interesting features to the underwater center route, its a little bland right now
    2. Add some more detailed BSP architecture to the center structure as it is a little too blocky right now (still plays well, just could use a little more "pizazz" like some additional wooden support beams and angled stone etc.)

    Overall a solid map.


      Hey Heimdalir nice and sexy map mate! another map to my collection lol it has improved a lot from last time I saw from you work

      pd: do you have a website or so?

      thanks again


        you are right.
        1 - I haven't found a good item for this place. Maybe a superhealth.
        2 - yes, inside the building, the room is a little bit empty.
        In fact, we 've 2 restraints.
        a) - we wanna have a large place for a large fighting room.
        b) -I were afraid with the fps. With the boat, my fps are little short. So i don't wanna degrade it.
        But, i think to have some ideas. (Mb for the next update).
        Thx for your comments.

        @ Darky
        Well, I website yet. But, many people asked me.
        and my leader press kindly to make one.
        So, soon. When I ll have a lovely idea.


          Nicely done! What a lovely Vehicle CTF map, I think this map turns to be a Caribbean cycle.
          Solid phased and recommended. :thumbsup:


            Direct mirror added to


              After, few tries.
              This the last evolultion


              I added few things:
              - a new way by walk
              - a raptor
              - a bigger plateform for the Lg.
              - ...

              somes picts


                nice progress and improvements me likes!


                  VCTF-Hetairu][Tortuga+ added to Direct:


                    I like the textures/meshes, fitting music choice, details, ships, skybox, lighting, bonefish, pirate flags, cannons, barrels and undersea environment. You almost don’t need the vehicles in this one, the bots are OK, and the barrels should be exploding.

           (clan thread)

           (might be old one, but newer link is a lot smaller file)