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Angel Mapper Halloween 2011

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    Angel Mapper Halloween 2011

    Angel Mapper Halloween 2011 v1

    Version: 2011 v1

    Compatibility: UT2004


    Moar masks. Moar fun. This updates Angel Mapper's Halloween mutator from 4 to 14 masks. ZOMG. Masks are selectable in the mutator config page or the ini, and the mask you select will show up when you play on servers running this mutator.


    This is same version I uploaded in this thread, I just haven't been motivated to work on UT lately. Sorry Sly and Baryonyx. But I have been making some stuff for Mario Kart lately.

    To install:


    To pick a mask you can either select from the mutator's drop down menu or open the AngelMapperHalloween.ini file and select from there. I also included instruction in the ini file on how to set up masks on custom player models, and setups for cylons and battle droids. There is a quick-test map too, along with a .bat to start it up with this mutator running. You can edit that bat file with notepad if you want to change the map used for testing or game mode and mutators.

    Known Issues: Some masks are a bit higher poly than they need to be. Masks seem to accumulate various places in the map. This happens with the original Angel Mapper version too.

    Thanks to:
    Angel Mapper for creating the original mutator and giving me permission to update it.
    Nemephosis (suggesting trollface)
    These models made by various people on Google Warehouse Mandalorian Helmet, Mushrooms and Starman, Horns, Narwhal (the unicorn horn), Bloody Knife. I modeled the halo, troll, and awesome face masks.



    Originally posted by jefe View Post

    Just Magical.
    Now we need a simple whale playermodel and a mutator playing this song.

    I downloaded it and didn't notice any major issues except for one: People's masks who have been fragged start appearing at the location 0, 0, 0 in the map you're playing and the amount of masks is growing slowly with each frag in the match.
    But apart from this small issue... ah whatever, I was never good telling my opinion in words, so here you have a picture of what I think:

    And no problem, you're free to do whatever you want, it's not like we're forcing you to do only UT stuff (now do some more UT stuff!!!).
    Btw, your MKWii track looks like fun (but I've no clue how to get custom maps for the Wii lol).


      I'll send you a PM explaining how to play that level. (Don't want to derail the topic or violate forum rules regarding other games .)


        Originally posted by jefe View Post
        [...]This is same version I uploaded in this thread, I just haven't been motivated to work on UT lately. Sorry Sly and Baryonyx. But I have been making some stuff for Mario Kart lately. [...]
        Hey, no problem. I was actually not requesting stuff, but trying to give you inspiration.

        Awesome stuff! I will try it out as soon as I get time (tomorrow perhaps )

        Originally posted by Sly. View Post
        Now we need a simple whale playermodel and a mutator playing this song.
        There is one!
        Skincity link

        Song for UT2004 Narwhals:

        Narwhals, Narwhals, Swimming in the ocean
        causin' a commotion, cause jefe is so awesome
        Narwhals, Narwhals, swimming in the ocean
        pretty big and pretty blue, they even beat old Winnetou

        Like an underwater unicorn, they've got the kickass jefe horn
        They're the Jedi of the sea - they stop Clanlord eating ye'!
        Narwhals, they are Narwhals, Narwhals!
        Just don't let 'em touch your balls!
        Narwhals, they are Narwhals, Narwhals!
        Invented by jefe, Sly and Bary!


          Holy Nali Cow, that's awesome!
          Hmmm... But is it really worth the space on my HDD just to have a UT-Narwhal? Download or not download? I'll throw a coin.

          lol @ the song.


            nice heres a mirror


              Thanks for the mirror, unrealloco.

              I got a message from someone asking for help setting up the mutator on servers, so here's some instructions:

              You need to add the mutator to your server packages (ServerPackages=HMDEK2011), upload all the game files in the zip to your server and put them in the right folders, and then add the mutator to your server's mapvote section of the ut2004.ini like this:
              You will also need to compress the files to UZ2 and put them on your redirect. Hope this helps.


                Actually it turned out he was trying to get the mutator working in Killing Floor. Understandably I didn't include instructions for KF since the mutator isn't for KF.


                  Talking about that, I wonder if it works with the Zombies of Nightmare mod... I have to try that out!


                    Originally posted by jefe View Post



                      This mutator is not showing up for me on webadmin, Is it possible to add it through webadmin?


                        I see it in my webadmin panel. It's in the group "halloween." Try reinstalling the mutator, or maybe you don't have it on server packages?


                          Ok it's working now after I overwrote every file, strange


                            Time to bump this now that the stores are already putting out Halloween candy.


                              Direct mirror added to

                              EDIT: unrealloco's seems down now.

                              EDIT2: Oh well, his site is back now.