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    Holy ****, dont ask me how the f*ck it was set to chaos hyper CTF, i dont even have chaosUT mod(and i want to have it), i think its because i connected an server one day and it downloaded a .ucl file, dont be worry, that bug will be fixed right now.


      Don't forget to rename the file then to v2 if you fix that issue.
      Keep in mind that there are >11 people who downloaded this version. This could cause online incompatibility. Maps spread fast on the internet!


        Updated as VCTF-LIP-DarkShadeCanyonFE(Fixed Edition)
        But the old one still downlodable if someone need the old version.



          Hi LIPRampage,
          [EDIT, whoops, was ninja'ed on the comment in the last fifteen minutes]
          First, please continue to post your maps on this forum. It is nice to see new content for this game. I would just recommend that you post over in the beta section first to allow players to provide some initial feedback in case there are any minor things to be fixed before full release.

          Here are my comments. These are just my opinion, but like the other posters the reason we post anything at all is we actually care about helping you make the map technically better or just more likely to be played by us. Since you are the map maker you can obviously ignore the feedback if you want to keep things the way they are.

          Things I liked about this map:
          1. General theme was good and the terrain had some vertical variation
          2. The textures for the tree branches were optimized (masked! good!) and the collision was turned off on the branches (double plus good).
          3. Material usage was relatively consistent with the map theme.

          Things that could/should be improved:
          1. As mentioned above, adding a blocking volume with vertical edges around the flag base piece would prevent the player from having to jump up every time. See the reason below.
          2. Adjust the Default gametype as UnShame said.

          My recommendations
          1. Since it is raining, adding rain ambient sound actors would help make the atmosphere more consistent (rain with sounds does not make any sense)
          2. Reduce the number of subdivisions on the fluid surface actor by about 30 percent. Nobody spends enough time in the water to make the additional computing resources that the fluid surface hogs worth the visual accuracy
          3. The overall map layout works, but is a little boring. You could make the map wider in the middle and allow for two vehicle paths around the sides (also forcing palyers to drive farther). Then place a bunch of vehicle blocking objects (maybe some boulders in addition to the trees) in the center to keep that area as a primarily 'pedestrian/on-foot' only path.

          Anyways, hope you keep up the mapping!


            Ok, making a brighter version, the name will be VCTF-LIP-DuskShadeCanyon(the same map but at dusk, a lot brighter).

            It will be released in about some days, im a little busy with studies, 3 school jobs to do, so, it will take a little long.


              Good VCTF map!

              This map is having a more glimpse of the atmosphere, usually this is a night scenery with more bright lights in some areas, except the skies (probably reducing any lights to become darky, I'd mentioned the map title says it), and more rains. Like the grasses, trees, terrain, minigun turrets, secret portals, flares, night sounds and banners. Vehicle pathing is fine before might get stucked through the trees and the pool at the middle (in both bots and players), try focusing with the paths. Good gameplay and the bots are whether good or suck, depends on the bot skills you used.


              PS: The older version link through GameFront is dead, only the fixed version recommended for downloading.


                well, im glad to see that still having people downloading some of my stuff, and now im at vacations, but since i come back at august i will release one turrets pack for Onslaught and VCTF (VCTF for mappers only), but anyway, there will be 4 turrets, i will post a forum talking about them, but at the half of august i release them ;D


                  Just realized after commenting a while back that I never actually tried this map, so here are my comments finally:

                  the theme is done well and I like the forest, trees, grass, rain, sounds, music, darkness and general layout. Of course, the layout could have been extended laterally, but this one works for me. Yes, it’s tough flying the manta through the trees and it seems the rain might be falling a bit too fast, but the map is still fun.


                    Direct mirror added to


                      thanks for the mirror