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CTF-Depravity-RTP [Pics]

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    CTF-Depravity-RTP [Pics]

    It's done. After some playtesting, changing the layout, redecorating and testing more and then some, i am proud to present to you CTF-Depravity!

    (real) final version now available

    It is a small to medium sized map, with heavy fragging going on in the middle. The general theme of this map is industrial. It feels and plays quick, even though the flagroom is quite big in comparsion. However, depending on teamplay and fragging power you can get some interesting matches.

    At first it might appear linear, but there are many routes and options to switch from high and low.




    Flagroom, different angle


    Center, different angle

    Low Entrance

    High Entrance

    Download Link

    Nice job. I like it.


      Thanks! I also got word from others that there are still some glitches, so expect a updated version... i know this should have happened in Beta forum, but now its out there and more people got their hands on it. Will post another in a couple hours.


        good one!

        Nice preview shot and recommended player load, although 8 players might be ideal for this map. The force fields add an interesting element to this already classic CTF style and I almost didn't see the teleporters. Nice music choice, skybox, vines and vat contents. The upper and lower routes are equally fun. Some might like better lighting/shadows, but this one seems OK to me. What glitches?

        EDIT: wait, I may not have played the final version........I'll have to check. Not sure if it will really affect any of my comments though; um, wait, it might a little bit. I'll just modify this post after trying the new one though.

        Just played newer version and I noticed the higher ceilings in corridors, spinning gears, cobwebs and steam. Not sure if these last 3 were in the original version but I did notice them this time and they definitely add a little to the atmosphere.


          Preview Shot/Player Load: yup, that was me, being lazy. sorry Worked so long on this map, i was happy to get it out and totally forgot about the simple stuff.

          Glitches: If you wanna annoy the opponent you can drop the flag at awkward places where it is impossible to return (behind deco) or very hard to reach (if its not your base). Since the map is very frag happy, such places shouldn't be in it. I fixed those that were reported.

          The other problem is the FPS. I got told there are serious framedrops on high end hardware, but only at certain places. I checked it and it turned out to be a real issue. I did setup zoning which should fix it, but probably not entirely (or incorrect). Framedrops lead to mouselag: mouselag can cost a win: not good -> workin on it

          stay tuned


            Alright. Fixed version is here, with level info and all. Enjoy


            - Leaves on the wall are less bright
            - Ceiling in the side corridor to the center has been increased for your walldodging pleasure
            - Added more portals to fix FPS issues.
            - Fixed broken zoning
            - Blocked some awkward spots
            - Added loads of game unrelated objects to high-detail-only
            - Added Level screenshot and adjusted suggested playerload.
            - Simplified some collision models for faster rendering
            - Added placeholder textures in slime pools for people with low-details


              Almost perfect...

              Very good atmosphere and mechanical layouts (don't bother about the slime). Textures and meshes are all present now and all things are NOT terrible at the same time. Some upper and lower parts are looking good and the force fields are promising effect for the classic CTF style. Lucky me, never seen the ivy walls come out when the bots carrying the flag through the escape. Seems very happy to me, the framerate is more clearer after his previous version had issues for now. Better start working with this map though, it would be awesome, and what a nice chick photo outside the window.

              Direct mirror added to