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    cool mod !!!!!


      I like this mod.

      Is there a way to remove the drones?


        For anyone interested, the TitanRPG source is on Github:
        It can be built like any UT2004 package. Note that the ECE bonus pack and latest patch are required and that "OnslaughtBP" has to be in your EditPackages.

        I am also semi-actively working on it now. However, bear in mind that updating from 1.60 is not that simple - a **** lot of things have changed. There is currently no full support for Onslaught or Double Domination. Currently, I don't plan another release and might not work on the documentation (Github Wiki) anytime soon. However, anything I still do will be reflected in that repository.

        The TitanRPG.ini that's checked into the repository is approximately that of our RPG VCTF server and can be used as a reference. Feel free to ask any questions about that.

        Note that the version number is no longer included in the package name. Before anybody puts a "TitanRPG.u" on a public redirect - that's a bad idea. Please read the "Version Customization" chapter on the Github page.


          Titan RPG still had bugs/glitches in istangid mode for example you go play istantgib (the shock rifles that kill in one hit) the AI dont get weapon they had no weapon only player had IstantGIb rifle so the player get free kill wich means free stat points. and the glitch with space fighter when you had Link gun of repair in AS-mothership for example you are defending you enter space fighter, then you switch to link gun of repair automaticaly and your space fighter gets destroyed when you get atleast one hit by another Player/AI You get hijacked from the space fighter not killed you only die when you reach the end of the map ;S fix that and hurry ;S