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DM Perfect Dark Temple

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    DM Perfect Dark Temple

    GoldenEye 007/Perfect Dark Temple

    1.0 (Final)

    UT2004 and the latest patch

    This is the classic N64 map updated for UT2004. Made with DM, team games and invasion in mind.

    See readme for full changelog/comments. This map was a long time coming, I worked on it very sporadically (completing several other projects in the meantime) and learned much about map making in the process. My main goals were to make a playable, balanced and good-looking remake of one of my favorite maps, the multiplayer Temple from Perfect Dark and GoldenEye 007. I worked extensively on bot pathing (I'd say that nearly half of the build time was working on troubleshooting and improving the AI) so you should get a great game both online and off. I also made custom textures, which you are free to reuse. I hope you enjoy this map, and if you would like to modify it for some reason, go ahead, but make sure you include the readme and try to get into contact with me first, explaining what you're changing.

    Rare for the map layout and music; Stigmat for his old beta that got me started; Hourences ( for the flares, spotlights (DM-Sae) and lamps (DM-Rrarijar); LordSimeon for the spaceship (ONS-Galadriƫl-System); Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan ( for the ladder and cobweb meshes (DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn); Hazel.H ( for the lightbox shader from her Egyptian Textures package; David Green ( for his custom adrenaline.



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    prety cooljob man


      why did i get brought to this thread?


        My biggest concerns with this one were the bots, which tended to present patterns in places and didn't take many of the more challenging routes, like I never saw them use the ladders or even get anywhere near the Redeemer. Very few points off though, because that would be exceptionally hard to path, and it's still 90 on my personal map scale (of which I consider to often be far harsher than Firefly's I believe) because I found it to be awesome Rareware-style shooter fun, out and out. Excellent job, definite keeper! Linky:

        Sorry I made you wait so long too, hehe. I'm catching up.


          Thanks for the great review, I replied to your concerns about the bots on the review page.


            Not much there but good open "secret agent style" gameplay. Bots are a little easy and could be better, but I understand why they don't go for the redeemer and am fine with it. I like the ricochet off the walls just behind the columns (that works really well). I had fun running up the ladders also.Yes there is lots of open area, but as I've seen stated the map is supposed to be played in a different style and it can be fun this way. Simple textures, pillars that look good, decent architecture, and well-executed theme in this map.