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    Thank god some one made a mutator with all the extras that made my rocket launcher firing/projectile speed shoot the way it want it as well as the other weapons. Well at least I just found it.

    "Using with WeaponStuff 3"

    "WeaponStuff allows you to change many properties of weapons, including, but
    not limited to FireRates, Damage, Momentum, Projectile Speed, and
    Projectile Lifetime. There is also the ability to allow the weapon to use the
    # firemode of a different weapon, letting you shoot shock balls from your
    rocket launcher, say. You can also swap out weapons for other weapons on a
    map, replacing a bio rifle with a redeemer, for example. You can also change
    ammo amounts, for the weapon and it's ammo boxes. As well as this you can
    also specify how many projectiles a gun should shoot out at once..."

    WeaponStuff needs an INT file:
    Info found on forum below:
    Install info:

    WeaponStuff needs an INT file. I discovered that you can make an INT file for any

    weapon from information found in the UCL file.

    For example, create/rename an "UCL" file "WeaponStuff.ucl" and copy the info below into it and save.

    Object=(Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Mutator,Name= SentinelsRcBeta3.mutSentinels,Descrip

    Object=(Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Weapon,Name=S entinelsRcBeta3.SentinelDeployer,Desc

    Object=(Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Weapon,Name=S entinelsRcBeta3.baSentinelDeployer,De



    download link to WeaponStuff:

    btw- This works great and complements "MutMovementTweak" mutator balance movement/shooting with gameplay.
    I got the firing rate presently at .30 and the projectile speed at 350% and few are minor adjustments for a fast for rocket arena etc... :-).

    There might be some problems if you try changing some of the default settings with the "WeaponStuff3" mutator for the various weapons.

    I was tempted to get that bio rifle to shoot a touch further etc. Although rocket launcher seems to work fine so I am not sure what the problem is. Maybe it is just my video card or some other mutator setting possibly.


      Didn't this already exist?


        can someone re-upload this?


          here my link working

          Originally posted by DarkBarrage99 View Post
          can someone re-upload this?


            thank you very very much :]


              post in the original post