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sounmdfiles not working?

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    sounmdfiles not working?

    hi there,

    i hope this is the right forum (if not excuse my noobness)
    i downloaded and installed some pretty funny new models for my ut2k4 game (including among others bender and farnsworth) they come with system soundfiles (like FarnsVoice.u).
    even though the upl file contains references to said files (...Voice=FarnsVoice.FarnsVoice,...) i cannot hear the sounds ingame.
    also when i choose taunts, the correct text shows up but i cannot hear anything...
    any ideas what might be wrong?


    .u should be in systems folder, and .uax in sounds folder.


      ok, but the soundfiles i got with the models, are all .u files...


        The problem is, I guess, that they don't have any .int file that enables them to be selected from the Voice control menu box. What you need to do is open up the .upl, look for the code that reads "Voice=" and copy the text immediately following it up to the next comma and put it into an .int file. That text next to "Voice=" is the name of the voice package. Here is an example using the Bender 2K4 Voice Pack. Just use this code as a template. Copy the text to your clipboard, paste into a text editor, then change all instances of "BenderVoice2K4" to whatever is the name of the voice package as described above. In the line "VoicePackName=" put in the title of the voice, like I have done here.

        VoicePackName="Bender 2K4"
        Here's some more things to check on before you play. In the game go into your settings, then click the Audio tab. Set "Play Voices" to "All". Also note that the Effects Volume slider also affects the volume of the voices, too. Also, if you download any new models or voices that have a .int file included, then put that file in the \System folder.


          you rule! thanks!

          err... not quite unfortunately:

          the voicepacks now show up correctly in the menu, but they still do not work.
          "Play Voices" ios set to "All"