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DM-CrazyHouseOfNoob (and other stuff as wel)

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    DM-CrazyHouseOfNoob (and other stuff as wel)

    hi i made this ages ago (lyk over 2 yrs ago) but decided to post it here now
    and lol i no everything is really bad so dont complain lol thats the reason why i put so much in 1 file
    and yeah ignore the shots some other guy has took (which is on the page that the link takes u 2) cuz i got a load of em in the file which i said put them on the page but he didnt so meh wana look at the pics just download it lol

    in the file ther is
    4 maps (so many cuz they arent very gud lol)
    a voice thing (quiet but i duno)
    a skin pack wich is really crappy (but helpful (if u pick the black one) if u hide in a dark corner cuz any1 else who has downloaded this cant c u then lol)
    a machiniminia thing - haha cant even spel it lol (which was my first and last attempt cuz i couldnt figure out how to make ppl move )
    and some pics

    lol ill shut up now

    wel link 2 the thing is http://unrealtournament2004.filefron..._Mappack;78803

    and remember just ignore the readme lolz it is so pointless and long

    known bugs: ok the weapons of evil have been included as ther is a glitch wit my main map where it wont load if u dont have the weapons for some reason, but other than that none that i no of