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WPImap Campus Tour Released

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    WPImap Campus Tour Released

    Name: WPImap Campus Tour

    Version: v1.1

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Authors: Alex Schwartz + Elisabeth Beinke


    So, this isn't the kind of mod you see here on Beyondunreal every day. This project was done at WPI ( as our junior year project for our major, Interactive Media and Game Development. Myself (Alex Schwartz) and my teammate, Beth Beinke, created this UT2004 mod, which features our college campus in Unreal. In addition to the software, we also created a full-size public kiosk/arcade machine to house the mod and made it work with a full arcade-style joystick setup. We only had a few months to work on it, and couldn't dedicate our full time, as we took other courses concurrently. Also the team consisted of only 2 people! Now that the download is out, students around the world can view the campus without visiting Massachusetts. This mod would not have been possible without Rachel Cordone (AngelMapper). See for full credits.


    The WPIMap Tour by Alex Schwartz and Elisabeth Beinke. The project, which has been fully sponsored and condoned by WPI Admissions, allows prospective students and current students alike to interact with the campus in 3D. In a slight shift from the original Halo map, this use of the WPImap is for informational and exploratory purposes. This tour allows the player to navigate around the 3d environment in real time, viewing all of the buildings and campus landmarks in photorealistic detail. Outside of the virtual Bartlett Center, players will notice a Segway human transport vehicle. Upon entering the vehicle, a full tour of campus begins, complete with a virtual tour guide and a scripted path through all of the academic and residential buildings on campus. Visit for more details.


    Rachel Cordone (Angelmapper)
    Full credits on


    Downloads / Media

    Mod Download -
    Video Download (QT) -

    Change Log

    -WPImap standalone mod created
    -Boynton hall collision error fixed
    -Founders hall door UV fixed
    -Various tree placement tweaked
    -Campus Center sign fixed
    -Campus Center back side UV error fixed
    -Salisbury sidewalk vertex tweak

    -Initial release

    Installation Instructions

    1.) Drag the WPImap folder into C:/UT2004 (or if you installed UT elsewhere, put it in that UT2004 folder.

    2.) Open UT2004 normally.

    3.) Go to the Community section, and pick User Mods. WPImap should show up. Click it and hit activate.

    How To Play

    The controls are as follows:

    WASD Controls the player's movements
    Mouse Controls the player's view
    '\' Key aka Backslash Resets the level
    Space Jump

    Wow. I love the "realistic" maps, but you have gone above and beyond.


      Thanks. For an idea on the work that went into trying to achieve photorealism (in a sense), we took 14GB of photos of campus, and created over 300 new textures for the map. Without DDS compression on the textures, the map was 400MB. :P


        shokazulu would be proud


          wow beautifull !

          I love map ...
          Tour was very fun


            You mentioned Wooster- do you mean Wooster, Ohio? And I'm not quite sure what polytechnic means, though I think it has something to do with materials. Enlighten me, please.



              Worcester, Mass. And its WPI, an engineering college.



                ****, I wish it was in Ohio. It seems like a nice college.


                  Any chance of turning (parts of) this into a DM map? I mean, tours are nice n stuff, but ultimately UT maps are meant for fragging. A map like this would be awesome with a realistic weapons mod like Ballistic.


                    Yes. This map will be turned into a DM map for next year's freshmen new student orientation. We will hold a gamenight and hopefully frag out in a lab on the map.

                    Should be good times.


                      I must admit, this is a great idea.

                      Plus, making it as a gametype instead of a movie allows for more people to make tours and upload the maps! Before long, UT2004 could be a 3D guide to universities and other such places from all over the globe.


                        Originally posted by L4Y Duke View Post
                        making it as a gametype instead of a movie
                        Well it is a gametype right now, and you can edit it how you wish. It just has guns disabled. You did see the download for the mod and not just the preview trailer/movie, right?



                          Well, to be honest I haven't tried the download yet, as I don't have the bandwidth for it.

                          Still an awesome and unique idea, though.


                            Originally posted by {TARD}-C3nT View Post
                            shokazulu would be proud

                            Sweet looking map