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    Onslaught Total War

    Name: Onslaught Total War

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: UT2004 + Bonus pack and all the community packs avalible here. ( Make sure you install ALL of the Bonus packs!

    Description: Onslaught Total War plays the same as regular Onslaught with one exception. There are no power nodes and the cores have 20,000 health. There are "Psudo Cores" placed where the nodes would be that allow you to teleport or spawn in other locations other than the bases. I also made some custom explosion effects for the cores. There are 6 maps that come in this package. Most of them are stock maps converted to this type of play. There are two versions of Torlan, ONS-TW-Torlan-RV a day and ONS-TW-Torlan-Dusk a night version. I put a river through the middle of the map and added some bridges at each base. Theres a custom space fighter that you can bail out of in the Torlan maps. Other stock maps in the package are ONS-TW-OrbitalWar, ONS-TW-Mirage_][ & ONS-TW-Ruination. A custom map I made a while back for VCTF has been converted to Total War ONS-TW-Brimstone. Brimstone takes place in the lower plains of Hell on floating islands connected by giant chains and bridges. I'm looking for someone to take over this project since I've turned my attention to mapping for UT3. I need someone thats good at mapping. The new cores and psudo cores have to be placed in the map manually and the link setup added. I'll post a full tutorial on embedding and setting up the cores.

    Screenshots: (ONS-TW-Brimstone)

    Credits: Rumple (Monarch for the Excalibur mesh used for the space fighter in Torlan, & INIQUITOUS & ProZak for the Doom3 Hell Knight & CyberDemon meshes I used in Brimstone.



    very interesting

    try out !


      Uh, no offense to you Rumple, but could you include file size in your descriptions please? Some of us are watching our bandwidth, y'know.


        Well I said there were 6 maps in the package what did you expect? Still 53.9 mb for all that content isnt that big really. The last couple UT3 patches were over 200 mb!


          you just couldn't stop do you?