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[Anticheat] Screenshot Sender Final [Update]

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    [Anticheat] Screenshot Sender Final [Update]

    Name: Screenshot Sender
    Version: This is really the final version (except if some huge bugs occur which prevents the mutator from working correctly).
    Compatibility: Tested in UT2004 (v. 3369) and in TO:C (1.8 beta). Should be compatible with all mods and mutators.
    Short Description: The screenshot sender final is an UT2004 anticheat mutator made by me, Gugi, which takes screenshots on the client.

    The screenshot sender is an anticheat-mutator for dedicated UT2004 servers.
    Its purpose is to take screenshots on the client and send them to the server so that an administrator can search for suspicious HUD content like a radar.
    The main advantage of this mutator compared to anticheats like AntiTCC, SafeGame or my ClanManager is that it also shows native hacks, which are not detectable by those mutators.
    But you cannot detect hacks which don't draw anything onto the HUD.

    The mutator has two parts: the mutator, which produces html-files in the UserLogs-directory containing the bytes of the screenshot, and an external program which converts the files back to the image (source-code of the converter is included). This is the only way I found to save the images.

    The screenshot sender has many different options affecting the image-quality, the transfer-speed, etc. Thus you can find the best quality/speed compromise for your server. You can see the various quality settings in the thread of the old version.

    But here I need to say a warning: Use the mutator at your own risk because if wrongly used (like setting the resolution too high) could cause the server/client to crash as it might use too much bandwith or cpu-power. I am NOT responsible for any damage done in any way to anybody/anything.
    However, the mutator worked always fine and I never heard of any crashes.

    If you want to hide the fact, that the screenshot sender is running on your server, you can do it with no problem:
    Shambler coded a nice little program which allows you to change the package name of the mutator and the mutator name itself. It is included in the download-package.

    Changes since the last version:
    • Fixed the warnings in the log which occurred sometimes.
    • Added a ServerActor which loads the mutator.
    • Added special version for Tactical Ops: Crossfire (which has some changes, see the Readme). The normal version is not compatible with TO:C and vice versa.
    • Added “AutoExcludedGUIDs” and “MainExcludedGUIDs” allowing you to specify players which won't be affected by the screenshots.
    • Added Settings-menu (see Screenshot below).
    • Added menu which allows admins to take screenshots ingame with the desired settings easily (see Screenshot below).
    • The setting “MaxBytesPerSecond” is now working correctly and more effecient than before.
    • Added option to take more than 1 automatic screenshot (e.g. every 2 minutes one).
    • Added an option to specify a lower and upper limit for automatic screenshots. Between those two values a random value is generated which is used to define after how many deaths or seconds the automatic screenshot is taken.
    • If “MutServerInfoName” is empty, the normal mutator name will now show up in the server info.
    • Fixed many other bugs.
    • Updated the Readme.

    Plenty of cheaters were already detected (these are only a few of them).
    TO:C cheaters
    An UT2004 cheater

    Here are some screenshots of the various quality settings.

    The new settings menu and the Takescreenshot-menu:

    Shambler, lakri, humacyrnus, Vulcano, CVROY, Flak, Snake, EPIC, the whole UT2k4-clan, who ever else I forgot.

    If you have any questions or need some help with this mutator, feel free to ask me. SUPPORT-Forum (no registration required).

    MD5-Hash of the archive: 8cc664069700fa51ddb5bc32876153eb
    If you want to post a link to this mutator, please link to!!

    Update (22.3.08):

    Feedback is very appreciated, so if you like the mutator, please post and rate.

    Thanks for downloading,

    n1 again Gugi

    And here is the "ScreenSenderConverter" Tool WITHOUT any License Message from C++


      Thanks Gugi! I've been using your beta version for a little while now.


        Thank you dude for the update. Sorry for t6he late post. But I must still say trhat I love this mutator. Thank you also for including the features I requested.


          I finally created a new converter. You can now convert as many files as you want to
          Download new Converter.

          Furthermore I updated the TO:C version. More Infos (scroll down).

          The TO:C version of the converter is also available now: More Infos


            <3 Gugi.

            You rock son!

            Now if only x-ray worked like this (cause it includes cheat detection as well)

            You should make one for ut99/ut3 as well ;]



              Unfortunately it is still not possible to do in UT3, and UT99 has better alternatives (UTDC).

              I guess, XRay should also be better and faster, as it is not limited to UScript. But from what I've heard it isn't such a great anticheat tool, only the screenshots are useful, the other checks can be easily bypassed.


                When I use the package renamer, I always get an error saying 'Both the package name and mutator name must be the same lenghth as the old name.'
                What does this mean? Because I've tried all sorts of differant names and still the same message.
                I extracted all the files into the same folder and ran the screenshot sender name changer.

                What am I doing wrong?


                  This means that the old names and the new names have to be the same length.
                  I.e. the new package-name has to be 17 characters long, the new mutator-name 15 characters. Just type as many characters into the two edit-boxes till you can't enter more.

                  Have another look at the "Screenshot Reader Renamer Readme".


                    vote for sticky !!

                    gj gugi =D
                    we allrdy banned 3 hackers from our server
                    whit the help of this mod (1 was even a member of our clan =o )


                      Hey, this is a really fine anticheat solution that is not only useful for catching hackers, but also for taking some interesting gameplay screenshots and finding out map bugs!
                      But I wonder if it could be ported to U2XMP? That game seriously needs anti-hacker protection as there are loads of people that accuse, and loads of people that actually use some kind of hacks... And U2XMP is basically a more recent branch of UE2 than UT2004 (but multiplayer only, so has no X things like XPawn, XWeapons etc.).


                        Thx for the positive feedback
                        If it ever becomes a sticky, I will perhaps update the mutator to fix some "bugs" (they aren't really bugs)

                        I don't know U2XMP (I mean I've never played it), but the ScreenshotSender doesn't use the x-classes (I changed this as I ported the mutator to TO:C).
                        So, it doesn't use e.g. xPlayer, but UnrealPlayer.
                        Thus it might simply work for U2XMP...


                          Critical: Failed to load 'ScreenSenderFinal': Can't find file for package 'XInterface'
                          The GUI is completely different there. Is it possible to have it as INI-only config mutator so it wouldn't require the XInterface?


                            Mh, have you tried to simply place XInterface.u in the System-directory? This might work, I guess...


                              Critical: Failed to load 'ScreenSenderFinal': Can't find file for package 'XGame'
                              And probably the list will go on...