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    Title: Rell Manufactuary Hall
    Filename: CTF-Rell_v2
    Version: 1.0

    Alright, as silly as I feel for posting a UT2004 map now, I got off my haunches and finally finished this. Rell was going to be in the first Kranial Games pack, then the second, and now here it is, alone. It's somewhat of a gimmick map, two bases separated by a pressure chamber and a a couple longer routes above. I guess there's not much else to say, except I hope whoever still plays UT2004 maps enjoys this.



    Hourences' most excellent HourKraden UT2004 texture pack is used almost exclusively to texture the map, without which it would be lacking.

    The absolutely amazing soundtrack is zYnthetic's GreyMatter, made for the KG pack; I highly suggest playing with the music on at least once.

    The lift mesh in the base is by BobTheBeheader, and it rocks. Thanks to you, good sir.

    Without Nereid's extensive testing, this map would not be. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.

    Blitz's Pressure volume was used here because I couldn't get the UT2004 volume to work how I wanted it to for the life of me.

    Best CTF map I have played in a long long time. Even better and more fun than the UT3 CTF maps I have played ... wow man I played this on adept with stock bots and man it was crazy and fast paced and never slow and never dull and yet the way the map is constructed it is just excellent the way the flow works and how enemies can all of a sudden appear behind your back ... now that is an excellent touch. Plus bots know how to use the pressure chamber and it worked perfectly. This map is just flat out excellent ... I really wish you would consider porting this over to UT3 ... I usually go for lots of eye candy and graphics but the textures are nice enough that visually this works as well. And as I said before this level has some of the best gameplay of any CTF map I have played on. I can't believe that the score as 21-11 ... the blue team was actually scoring on me. Man that hasn't happened where the blue team was really competitive in a long time. Two thumbs up waaaaaay up!!! Make more please!