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    This is v1.2 of my map DM-Pressure. In this version I fixed the lift jump to the lightning gun to make it a lot easier to do, tweaked the lift speeds, and I fixed it so that the bot pathing in the pressure chamber is no longer ruined if you rebuild the paths (as I am allowing anybody to do as they please with this map, like improve the graphics for example).

    Background info:
    This is more or less a direct port of DM-Pressure from UT99 to UT2004 and it has been scaled appropriately. What sets this version apart from other remakes of Pressure (which are all not that great imo), is that the pressure chamber behaves exactly like it did in UT99. There is a bug in the Unreal Engine 2.5 that causes the players to shrink instead of expand in the chamber, and your vision goes red almost instantly, but there was nothing I could do about these issues.

    This version actually uses a real, live working TriggeredPressureVolume which was made by Blitz on the UP forums, and another biggie here is that the pressure chamber is 100% bot pathed. Bots will trigger it if someone is inside! See the readme file for details on how this was accomplished.

    The textures also come from UT99, they are the high res ones that were included on CD2 of UT:GOTY where applicable.

    I encourage people to take this map and update the graphics for UT2004 -- you do not need my permission. Just make sure you follow the special instructions for rebuilding the bot paths that are detailed in the readme file.

    Screenshot (click fullsize):


    Nice Thanks DL'ing

    Ill Put More Word In This Post After I Try It .....
    Tryed It And Its Awsome

    For Some Reason Even Rather Lower Skilled Bots
    Seemed To Try Harder With The Rocket Launcher
    And Bash Me Up As Much As The Adapt Skilled Bots Do.

    I Do Not Know How The Depresurize Effect Works, But Have You Try Reversing The Effect As Such
    , To Fix The Shrink Thing?


      The bot pathing is very good, I went back and polished it to a sheen and corrected all the errors in the review paths window. Unfortunately, they hardly ever go in the water (even though it is correctly pathed), but everything else works. The map is now on nalicity and I have updated the links accordingly.

      I did try and fix the shrinking players, there was nothing to be done, it is a bug in the engine. I also tried to make it so that your vision did not go to red so fast, but again, there was nothing I could do about that. All the different settings for the triggeredpressurevolume appear to be broken in UE2.5.


        Cool, this is one of my favorite custom maps, love how it's got the genuine UT99 feel. Though relatively simple by current standards, those old maps still own hard & deep, and can easily hold their own against 2Kx or even UT3 ones when it comes to gameplay, atmosphere, and sheer fun.


          Ok the official download links are now working!


            Meh, someone else made this before you, but its still in beta! XD
            It will be released however...

            This is a link to his post, wich got no responds.