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    Name: VCTF-TriTomb
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT2004,Patch 3369 and ECE are required. All custom content is contained in the map.

    Description: The archaeology team who discovered this amazingly well preserved Egyptian tomb mysteriously vanished. Some say the voices of the archaeologists can still be heard calling from one of the tombs underground chambers. Others say that they couldn't care less and they want their flag back.

    Comments: VCTF-TriTomb has a 'hazard sign' layout with a base at each 3 corners seperated by a large open area in the centre. The red and blue bases are connected via an underground tunnel that contains a dangerous pit. The third tomb contains either a paladin or cicada (they rotate spawns), and all three tombs are connected by a large tunnel that goes around the outside of the map.
    I aimed to get a good balance of small confined areas for 1on1 battles and large areas for good vehicular mayhem.

    Credits: Hazel.H for Textures, Deathbliss for skybox, Discord for ScorpionGTS, SuperApe for SuperVehicleFactory. Also Oddside, BigJim, Plugh, Jeffrey, Jonny for suggestions/testing
    Download: VCTF-TriTomb