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BR-Mosque, final release

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    BR-Mosque, final release

    Name: BR-Mosque
    Version: Official release 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004, Patch 3369.
    Description: Ancient religious site where the desert meets the ocean.
    Comments: This is the first non-beta release of this map.
    Available at: (BR-Mosque.rar)

    A very large mostly outdoor map, BR-Mosque is worth checking out, even though UT2004 is making its exit. A lot of work went into creating this level, and there's lots of stuff here for other map makers.


    Slight technical glitch, I had to re-upload the file to FileFront. The new upload is in progress as I write this (2:46 PM PST) so if you downloaded the map before then you should do so again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


      Wow, very nice looking. Good job!


        Thanks. Very little interest was generated on the beta forum regarding this level, but I think it's worth exploring, expecially if you're a Bombing Run fan, as I obviously am. Maybe it will have the dubious distinction of being the "last" Bombing Run level produced.

        But level designers might want to have a look just to see what's been done, even if they don't play the level. I put a lot of work into static meshes and emitters, and it's all intended for re-use by others. Also, I spent a LOT of time improving xBombFlag.u, and the new version is significantly better that the the original. With the original code, the ball would get reset on an average of about once every 12 minutes, getting hung up on walls and defying gravity, or being blown completely out of world space by accelerating ricochets off world geometry. With my code, the ball is reset about once every 50 minutes, and half of those resets are easily avoided by human players - they occur simply because the ball is too far away from any bot paths. Better still, my xBombFlag.u subclass (MosqueBombFlag.u) can be easily adapted to any Bombing Run level (and all the source script is included), so older maps which have been around for a while can be "improved".

        But I suppose it all adds up to very little, considering UT3 is here and UT2004 levels are all falling slowly into oblivion. Too late to get noticed, no matter how good it is.


          Version 1.01

          After uploading the final version to FileFront, I noticed that the FSI for the Great Mosque Fountain wasn't showing any surface activity. Turns out it was because it was wholly enclosed in a last-minute collision hull I made for the fountain patio. Anyway, I have put an updated version on FileFront which fixes this problem. There are no other changes in the new version except for this fix.


            I like your map very much, but...

            I like your map very much, but

            - lighting is very inconvinient and seems incomplete even from posted screenies. I just hoped they are from some old beta, but it's the same in the map. Much more contrast of light and dark is needed.
            - Armor spawning discs are very bad idea, IMHO. Standart spawning plates will be just fine, so please try to replace them if you can accept such a little lost of personality in your map. It just would be better this way, really.

            + Sky... Sea... Sand... Rocks... I just love them! And the Sun... It's SO inspired me, I even told to my girlfriend how much I love her.
            + Very nice loyout.
            + Bots plays very well or so it seems
            + Strong personality in your map. I could kill somebody for the same in general but smaller DM map.

            So there are more pluses than minuses, please consider making it better by working on pointed.

            Thank you very much for your map, your work, your time. Spend some more if you can. It is needed very much if you want honorable "Last good BR map" and not just "Last BR map".


              The out-doors area is stunning, the interior looks a little washed out lighting wise, but overall impressive work!


                Thanks for your comments, they are very much appreciated.

                UniBreakfast – I’m don’t understand WHY you think armor spawing disks (i.e., bases) are a bad idea. I assume you have a reason other than aesthetics, but you don’t mention what it is. I am curious. I assume you feel the same way about Double Damage bases and the modified Redeemer bases in the Jails? In the case of the Reedemers the base is a subclass with special features which cannot be abandoned, but the static meshes used for all three types are easily enough changed. But why?

                UniBreakfast and JohnnySix – I have had complaints from others that the contrast in the lighting was too great, not washed out. The screen/menu shots were deliberately lightened in photoshop because screenshots tend to be very dark. But in the map itself that is not the case. I have tested the map on two different machines with very different graphics capabilities and very different monitors. On both machines the contrast is very dynamic and the colors are very strong, both inside and outside.

                It would help me if I knew what video settings you are using. Here are the settings on the development machine:

                Render Device Direct 3D
                Resolution 1920x1200
                Color Depth 32-bit
                Full Screen Yes
                Brightness 0.68
                Gamma 0.86
                Contrast 0.7

                I also have all the feature/detail settings set to their highest value. I have noticed that if some of these are lowered, especially texture detail, the contrast decreases and world geometry begins to look a bit “washed out”. But there is only one light map and I feel I have to set lighting optimally for high detail, not low detail.

                If there is really a problem with the lighting I very much want to fix it, but I have to be able to “see” the problem before I can do that, and on my machine I don’t see any problems at all. Given how much difference exists between graphics cards and monitors, not to mention the video settings in the game itself, I would have to know a little about your setup/configuration before I would change anything.

                So please, send me your settings and I will try them on my machine, hopefully to see what you are seeing, and if there are problems I will attempt to rectify them. Thanks!


                  One other thought occurs to me. Just before preparing the package to upload to file front, I locked the location of everything in the map in the editor and then forgot to recompile the light map. For a very brief period, perhaps 30 minutes, this was the map which was offered on FileFront. I quickly realized my mistake and uploaded a new map, but if you downloaded your copy of the map during this period, the light map in your version is not compiled! If you know UnrealEd, just open the map in the editor and recompile the light map. Or, alternatively, you can re-download the package from FileFront. This make a HUGH difference in the lighting appearance during gameplay, and would certainly account for a washed out appearance.


                    It's been 2 years or so since I've last played BR, but I'm definitely gonna try this map. Nice job!


                      I have 450+ maps in my \Maps\ folder (and I have tried and deleted some other 500+ or so), so I know how they should look, and I have played UT2k4 on twelve or so machines, so I know, mine is configured correctly.

                      As for downloading and redownloading, yes I get smaller incomplete version at first time, deleted it, and next day downloaded bigger.

                      Please show me (us) some screenshots without postprocessing, if you say these aren't.


                        UniBreakfast, I think you missed the point entirely. I'm not trying to argue with you. I just asked for your video configuration so I can try it on my machine, in the hopes of seeing for myself what you are seeing. Please send me your configuration. If there is a problem with BR-Mosque with regards to lighting I want to fix it, but I can't fix it if I can't see it.

                        Also, you didn't tell my why you think custom bases for shield pickups are a bad idea, or what makes shield pickups any different from health pickups or UD pickups, etc.

                        I am not aware of any "objective" method for calibrating light maps. All I can do is look at the stock maps which were shipped with the game, set my video configuration so they look correct to my eyes, and then use that same configuration when creating my own map. If you know of a less subjective method for calibrating the light map please enlighten me, I want to learn.

                        In the meantime, if you really want to help me make BR-Mosque a better map, here are some things you can do.

                        Open the map in the editor and set the ZoneInfo0->ZoneLight->AmbientBrightness to something less tha 12 (its current setting). Maybe try half the value (6). Recompile the lightmap and tell me what you see. On my machine, if the Ambient light is anything less than 12, I can no longer see the contours of the rock cliff formations which are not in direct sunlight. They get so dark that I can't navigate my pawn.

                        Try experimenting aroung with Brightness/Gamma/Contrast in your video settings (after writing down what your preferred settings are so you can restore them) and tell me what configuration makes BR-Mosque look better to you.

                        What graphic card/monitor do you have? Maybe I can borrow the same hardware from a friend and try out the map on that hardware. I would still need your video configuration however.

                        I have no interest in arguing about anything with anyone. I just want to make BR-Mosque the best it can be.


                          I'm not arguing. Not at all. I mean not even in real life. Sorry if my bad English pushed you to such thought. I will try and do what you ask.


                            I have uploaded v1.1 to FileFront. Hopefully this will be the last "tweek".

                            Changes are almost all cosmetic:

                            1. A static mesh backwards normal was fixed.
                            2. Arabic writing appeared backwards on a few column panels, now correct.
                            3. One important PathNode was not connected properly (bi-directional), now fixed.
                            4. Small lighting adjustment in blue mosque.
                            5. Slight misalignment of blue mosque roof balustrade meshes corrected.

                            The new file is available from the same FileFront location:


                            Also available now over bitnet from the PirateBay:


                            I believe BR-Mosque is the last, the largest, and the best of the UT2004 Bombing Run maps.