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    I started mapping by editing maps for compatibly with the No-Skillz weapons used on the WhoShack server. The No-Skillz weapons were created by the servers admin RobsterCraws.

    When people learned I was editing maps, I was asked if I could make a Map larger. That is how I came to start work on the "HUGE" maps, only one has seen completion.

    Please bare in mind that this map was made for a server that uses the Strangelove Rocket, with flag carrying on,and Translocator gun that fires as far and as fast as the sniper.
    I started with the StupidDeathRocket map and started making it bigger, there are 2 beta versions available on, finally resulting in in what you see here.
    The Map VCTF-DR-Huge

    I also need to thank rRuuben of the PBG clan for his help wit cosmetics and encouragement with out which I might never have Finished