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Enhanced Weapons Final

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    Enhanced Weapons Final

    *NOTE* Final version. All the source code is avalible from my web site.
    Name: Enhanced Weapons

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: UT2004 +ECE Bonus Pack

    Description: Visually enhanced weapons for UT2004. I wanted to make my version of what the UT2004 weapons should have been. Enhanced Weapons are basically stock UT2004 weapons with enhanced explosion & other effects. The only weapons that got further enhancement, damage, damage radius, and other changes are the Redeemer and ONS Target Painter. Weapons use more natural lighting instead of "glowing in the dark". Tactical Shadows has been added giving you the ability to hide in the shadows and stalk your prey.
    Watch the videos:
    Click here to watch IonBeta
    Click here to watch The-Game-10-85
    Click here to watch RedeemerII2k7


    Enhanced Avril:

    Enhanced RocketLauncher:

    Enhanced ShockRifle:

    Credits: Rumple (Author)

    Special thanks to: Parser and everyone at Fraghouse Mod Team for letting me use the Tactical Shadows code for my mutator. Now you have the ability to hide in the dark and stalk your prey.
    Check out their site here:

    Monarch, creator of some of the greatest vehicle mods out there. Air power, Advanced Armor
    Battle Bikes just to name a few. Visit his site here for these and other great creations.

    Lord_Buggy from Epic forums for the carpet bomber code.

    BuffyTheSlayer from the Epic forums for beta testing and posting some awesome screen shots!

    Lorin-Slasher from the Epic forums for beta testing.

    CVROY from the Wicked Game Server forums for beta testing & supplying the code for the link

    CareTaker from the Wicked Game Server forums for beta testing.

    [Tkb]Thrasher from the Wicked Game Server forums for beta testing.

    BioSnark from the Wicked Game Server forums for beta testing.

    Farseer from the Epic forums for his advice and coding skillz.

    Everyone else from the Epic forums that have supported this project with your suggestions.



    Alternate Download:

    Cool! It's out!


      Yup! If anyone has an older version please replace all the files with the final version.


        Woot! Nice job Rumple!


          Fix your post, the pics don't show up.


            no you gotta click on em


              Click the links and they will.
              Edit: Deadoon you beat me by mere seconds! lol
              Editx2: There I fixeded the thumbnails.


                Wow really nice work Rumple and to all the the other people involved. I just check it out "well done" If i start up another server again I'll put this mod in for sure.


                  Finally Final is Out !

                  yay ! cant wait for UT3 now


                    Originally posted by BuffyTheSlayer View Post
                    yay ! cant wait for UT3 now
                    Of course you'll be one of the first beta testers Buffy!


                      Pretty stuff...


                        Thanks Rumple! VERY well done! Added to my server


                          Sweet! I'll have to come and check it out. Is it VCTF or what?


                            I checked out your server but the only weapon mut was the Zark rifle that renders every other weapon useless.


                              Yeah, I had to remove it because of weapons not showing up I guess due to the Zark.