Name: LDM-OldManMountain
Version: Release
Compatibility: UT2004 v3355, ECE, LawDogs
Basically I removed the non-LawDogs pickups from the map, fixed some minor terrain bugs, and added some custom (tweaked from other LD maps) health pickups. I just want this "released" so that it's not lost on my hard drive anymore. Gusher had updated it a little bit by adding a stream at the bottom instead of letting it drop off into cloudy nothingness, but I lost that version.

This is a rocky mountainside that pits the players against each other in the middle of an avalanche. To my knowledge, this has never been done before in UT2004, and would not be possible without DaJMasta's "GoodKarma" (Kudos, DaJMasta!) It's great fun and can scare the willies out of you when the boulders land a little too close for comfort!

Screenshot: (Screenshot says U4e - just ignore that.)

Credits: DaJMasta for GoodKarma, Epic
Download: from