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    Clan Manager 1g

    Name: Clan Manager
    Version: 1g
    Compatibility: The mutator should work together with all other mods (except MutAFKFinal) and all versions of UT2004 (though some are not supported by the default MD5-Checks).

    I began this mutator more than half a year ago with the enter-messages and the Clantag-protection. From version to version the mutator grew (up to now it has got ~25000 lines of code) and I implemented several other features I thought which might be useful or which I was asked for (e.g. I began the Anticheat-part as some players began to use (trial-map-) hacks; we couldn’t use AntiTCC and SafeGame as they made our (trial-) servers a bit laggy which is very annoying in this map-type). So, here comes version 1g, which is the second public one. It should be almost bug free by now as we run it on our servers without problems for several weeks.

    The Clan Manager is a mainly server-side mutator for dedicated servers which enhances the security of the server, provides methods useful for clans (like a clan-tag protection) and other useful features like a nickname-checker or a WhoIs-System. It does only change the game a bit if the "Trial-Firendly-Mode" is active (e.g. no-collision-players, fast respawn items).

    Well, here comes a list of all features of the Clan Manager:
    • Special enter-messages for members and administrators
    • Clantag-Protection
    • Nickname-Filter (filters “invisible” characters and illegal nicknames. Can also used to create member-only nicknames)
    • A “second” private server (only members can join the server, all others must know a second password to enter the server. They can also be invited by members and admins. This feature prevents the spreading of the server password)
    • Clanchat (members can send messages in an own “clan-channel”)
    • Anticheat-System (You can use it together with AntiTCC and SafeGame -> doubled protection)
    • Player-Logging (logs their GUID, IP, etc.)
    • WhoIs-System (Safes old names of players so that these can be looked up by other players)
    • AFK-Detector (depending on what you choose this feature marks players as AFK, forces them to become a spectator, kicks them or even bans them)
    • A feature which tries to prevent damage of bad-coded mutators (I mean mutators containing an error which stops other mutators to work correctly)
    • Server-/Client-side Spam-Blocker (prevent spam either just for you or for everyone)
    • Trial-Friendly-Mode (some optimizations for trial-maps like no-collision players)
    • Ingame Spectator (allows players to spectate ingame. Very useful on trial-maps)
    • Many commands for administrators which can be accessed without logging in as admin (instead a option in the member-list is used)
    • Commands-Menu
    • Very modular structure (all features can be turned on individually)
    • Profiles to configure many settings for each game separately
    • Almost all settings (except two) can be configured comfortably through the ingame menu.

    The mutator also runs on our servers. IPs: and Though only admins will see all features (or at least the settings).

    Some Screenshots:
    Some Settings_______Member Settings____Server-/Client-Spam Blocker__Ingame Spectator___A message of the Clantag-Protection

    Credits: The whole UT2k4-Team which helped to find most of the bugs and for some ideas. And of course Epic-Games

    Forum: UT2k4-Gaming

    Download: On UT2K4-Gaming
    Alternative Download-Link: HERE

    If you need help you can write me an email (email is at the bottom of the Readme) or ask in our forums.

    I’d be pleased to hear some opinions and suggestions about the Clan Manager.

    Cheers, will give this a whirl


      i used it , thk


        Very cool! Thanks a lot!


          Does this block newer cheats?


            Well, depending on the settings it should detect all (public) UScript-Hacks (i.e. the bot is implemented in unrealscript (either in a new package or by modifing an existing one) and is loaded by UT2004) and all native hooks by using the Prefetch folder and a blacklist. There are not many other ways to detect native hacks from inside of uscript. I've got some ideas though which could detect some of them by an alternative algorithm.
            The skins are currently not checked, I will implement this in the next version.

            @omihaz & sn.k & frisp, thx a lot


              Oh, and when I mean all UScript hacks, I mean it should detect them (the key is the unknown-classes property). It won't detect the hacks if the files are also on the server^^ (at least not the unknown classes thing).


                looks like a great mut...good werk..


                  Can't still registrate members and use "my settings" because I'm not registrated! Asked already for the beta version! :S


                    oh, sry, never looked into the beta-thread since this one is up My fault

                    Ok, to register members (including yourself) you need to log in as administrator. If you then press F8 you should see a button called "CM Settings". Click on it, then on "Configure Global/Default Profile" and on "Configure Members".
                    Here you can add new members by using the "Add New Member"-button.
                    Look also page 5/6 up in the readme to get a description of the single menu-components.

                    As frisp said in the beta thread you can also add members by using the WhoIs-Menu.

                    Note: Members are global, i.e. you can only access them in the global/default profile.

                    If you are registered and you press F8 (after logging out of admin) you will see either 1 extra button (if you registered yourself as member): your member settings. Or you will see the admin-version of the menu if registered yourself as admin.

                    Hope this helps


                      Thanks, working! Very nice Mutator! The anti cheat and the log is very handy, as well as the whois!! Nice work!!!