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    Name: DM-[SD]LazerTag
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: Maybe ECE.
    Description: You and your friends have created a play to play lazer tag. You guys have constructed an arena to play in, each side has a small maze of platforms that and a room that makes up each teams base. In the middle of the arena there is a miniature city with skyscraper and parks. Due to bad lighting and the fog machine we installed for….well I don’t know why, anyway its dark and you will find yourself getting into close quarters action and being fragged from no where. Cheers!
    Comments: Experimental fog distance, bots may “cheat” with higher settings.

    Credits: Me and STP
    Homepage: here :rockon:
    Download: Download

    There are 5 missions in this map, if you choose to accept them.
    Mission1=Free for All, kill your opponents till the winner is announced
    Mission2=Team for All, kill your enemy the most.
    Mission3=Monster Invasion, Kill the monsters or suffer defeat.
    Mission4=Hunt, Be the Super Powered for the longest, lowest score is the bottom feeder
    Mission5=Last man standing, kill all till you are the last.
    (yea so I changed wording to make it sound cool but hey, it made the list longer :beer

    DESTRUCTABLE BUILDINGS....after awhile (not all buildings can be destroyed)