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    Unreal 1 game

    Name: Unreal 1 game ..something I guess (never came up with an idea for an offical name for it).

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: UT2004, DOES work with mutators UT2004RPG but its rather too easy with them.

    Description: This is more or less entire unreal 1 game for UT2004, including RTNP add-on. And ofcourse it has full coop game support.

    (None for the moment)

    Credits: Epic Games for making that game, Infogrames (now known as Atari) for unreal 1 mission pack, >UT2x<Hyperion for helping me with some of the maps, "SFR*øM|£TT£" for making that awesome Vortex Rikers map version, Elisha and Frieza for some of the neat music remixes and to all beta testers.

    Homepage: None.

    System files (30,4 mb)
    Texture files (46,9 mb)
    Music files (92,4 mb)
    Maps (136 mb)
    Sound files (24,9 mb)

    I just noticed I forgot to include some kind of readme in there so I'll just post some info here.
    I compressed the files in archives that have the same names as UT2004 directory names so there shouldnt be any problems on unzipping them. You start the game in a gametype called "Unreal 1 game" under custom games list, and before you start you should configure some things to fit your skills:
    GameDifficulty - I suggest you start with "Novice", while "Godlike" skill is nearly impossible (I would be amazed if someone beat all the maps on that skill level without cheats)!
    Tourist mode - For beginners, if enabled translator will show hint messages.
    Auto save game - Game will auto-save on beginning of each map so the it can be loaded next time when you play.

    You will also need to bind keys for inventory selection, you will find them in settings called "Next Inventory Item", "Prev Inventory Item" and "Activate Inventory Item". You can also bind they keys through command 'Set Input <key> <command>' where you replace <key> with the key you want it to be and <command> with NextItem/PrevItem/ActivateItem, for example: "Set Input Enter ActivateItem".
    To activate translator you need to have BasePath keys binded (by default M/N keys, the key which shows path to your own base or enemy base on CTF/Assault).

    If there are missing ANY files in that zip file, let me know. Otherwise happy fragging!


      You have compressed it into one of the least popular filetypes 7Z. I would suggest plain WinZip, not the best by far but I would think that would attract more to download it. (Yes I do have 7Z but it is only used once in a blue moon!)



        For those who don't know, you can unzip 7-zip files using IZArc or WinRAR.


          Just ... wow.

          I've been wanting to play the original Unreal, and wouldn't mind playing ONP again.

          It will take me a while to download 283mb though...


            This seems so great, I really have to try this.

            I'll comment on it later, I think.


              It would be nice if the exact format was stated somehow.

              Could you please upload it as plain zip or rar instead, this doesn't seem to work for any of us.

              I upgraded to latest 7-Zip and IZArc but it couldn't open it.


                How is this different from Unreal1? I mean - if these are just maps and weapons transfered from UE1 to current engine then what's the point of making this kind of conversion? Judging from the screens it looks nothing better than old Unreal so theoreticaly one could just go and play U1 instead of trying to open some 7Z package
                Anyway - if you provide some human-friendly format I'll check it, because reexperiencing first U-game could be interesting after all.


                  The point is, the latest engine is always better and you don't have to install the old game just to play it. Bots are of course more intelligent and you can mix contents from several different mods if they are in the same game.


                    I have downloaded the same file three times now, using different methods and links. It simply won't work. Sorry.


                      Hah hah hah! Still messing up, are you Dots?


                        Is it so difficult to come back and upload a zip file?

                        Winrar doesn't open 7-zip, it doesn't matter if the file type appears in the list of supported formats or if the page tells you so. I use winrar everytime and trust me, it doesn't open 7-zip.

                        So i downloaded the 7-zip's official extractor or something like that and it opens 7-zip files of course i have tested it with other files, but it won't open your file because it's damaged or corrupted.

                        PLEASE we beg you to upload the file again and in another format like RAR or plain Zip


                          Originally posted by ANick
                          O well must be a joke!

                          Kinda figured it was too good to be true and its looking that way more and more with no response from the modder!
                          its not a joke .:..: is my friend he worked well more then a year on this it was always playable on our server (UT2x) but he has to the army for one year cause thats law there in finland and if im right he is right now kinda busy with something about that since i havent seen him yet on..


                            this is a pointless argument... are you saying your not going to try out some mod just cause you can't spend the extra 3 to 5 min downloading 7zip and extracting it.. some people have no respect for how long it takes to make mods or do any coding what so ever. and yes u can extract 7zip files with rar why don't you look it up in google before sitting here complaining.


                              Yes, that is a rather not thought through opinion. I usually ignore them, which also is terrible. Give people time to cool down before attempting to reason with them, you know.

                              Before emotionally wrecking this thread, lets point out some facts.

                              None at this forum have downloaded it, unpacked it, installed it, tried it, being all jolly about it and told us so.

                              Of course we all here like large and good mods, we appreciate them very much.

                              I have downloaded the .7z file several times, tried latest IZArc, 7-Zip and WinRAR. The only message I have got is something about unsupported or unrecognized format.

                              If you have downloaded it and extracted the files, please tell us what format it is and what version of which program supports it.

                              If you have the mod already installed, could you please repack it and upload it to the server? I know that is asking more or less a lot, but it seems we are running out of options.