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    ...and just make the new one final and move on. Besides, looks like a rather long list of other remakes to do.


      Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
      ...and just make the new one final and move on. Besides, looks like a rather long list of other remakes to do.
      Im retired after this from mapping/game design etcI'll animate the UC2 weapons so maybe someone else can come along and code them, but that will be my swansong. I'm very outdone with UT,UED, and video games in general. I have other things to focus on in life now that are far more important, and no I dont have kids.

      Beta's sometime around this coming weekend.




          Rezin_Ballz, but how you extract textures from UC2 .xpr files??


            It was done many years ago with an application that was actually designed for the DOA game series on Xbox. I forget the name of the actual program though.

            I think you can also use uModel to extract the textures, but I'm not sure how to do it. I never messed with it or had a need to.

            I have all the textures for the game, and I'm willling to share. My only stipulation is that they must be useed for UC2 map remake. Not a map that is "UC2 stlye" or some map you want to create on your own. I can't stop you from gettingthem on your own and using them, but as you know, that's not so easy.

            If you have a map in mind you'd like to remake from UC2, tell about it, and maybe show me some work you've done and I will likely hook you up with waht you need.

            Thing is, no meshes at all. You will have to recreate them yourself in most cases.

            BTW the update version of DM-Deadbolt (and Praxis) and many other UC2 maps canbe found here:


              Originally posted by stuman View Post
              wow, brings back some memory's!
              Were you the original LD for this map? I never did know who made it, so I could not credit the original UC2 author. I'd like to do that.


                how are the remake wars going? I finally decided to step back into this section for a while.


                  lolz the remake warz! lmao


                    Sorry for the necropost but does anyone know who made the following mods in DM-deadbolt_lit and DM-Deadbolt2(have both maps and play in both): the UT99 Udamage,UT99 shield belt and the UT99 armour as I would like to get permission to use them as a base for my UT3 power-ups mod in UT2k4.I tried and modified the UT99 Udamage it with the UT3 Udamage plus pickup sound.... for use in a number of maps I am busy with.



                      Like original UC2 version of this map ported to UT2004, this one have more efficient AVA, layout, lighting, gameplay, Liandri billboards, skybox, bots, and custom audio background.

                      Direct mirror:

                      Three indirect mirrors: