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DM-1on1-Metus-SE Released

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    d.l - looks great RaffiB...

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    DM-1on1-Metus-SE Released


    Changes in SE Version:
    • Added two side hallways and a side room
    • Revised item placement, moved 50a to the new side room
    • Texturing and lighting improvements
    • Minor geometry changes
    • Zoning and antiportal improvements
    • Lift-jump health pack tunnel removed
    • "Pits" replaced with flat grating
    • Spawn point adjustments
    • Minor ambient sound improvements
    • Piping in corner near 100a area changed, jumping no longer necessary

    Author's Notes:

    After much community feedback, I've revised this level to be a little bit more balanced and strategic (and of course, less cramped). With the addition of the side room and the revised item placement, maplock and spawn rape become more difficult. Nonetheless, the map is still fast-paced and intense, making high-scoring games and huge comebacks very common. Enjoy!

    Download (4.95 MB)