X-82 A2 Sniper Rifle Version 1

The X-82 A2 was designed with the intent on making a powerful, realistic sniper rifle
for use in sniper matches. It features recoil, inaccuracy when not being aimed, and
it will eject spent shells. Unlike the standard rifle, this one can deliver higher
damage to a target, 90 damage to be exact. But due to the high damage count, the rifle
is limited in that it requires reloading after 6 shots.
This is supposed to be the 'true' camper's sniper rifle.

Special notes about the Sniper Rifle:
-When not zoomed in, the rifle is very inaccurate, this is to reduce the "run and gun" tactic.
-The Rifle has a configurable 6 round clip, and it takes aprox. 5 sec to reload.
-Notice, that spent shells ejected from the weapon are dangerous, and can cause severe burns!

-Increased zoom to 15x
-Made the Zoom a 2 stage zoom
-Increased effective Range
-Added a new mesh for ammo pickups
-Added a mutator to just replace the sniper rifles
-Made it so you can only walk and crouch in zoomed state
-Made it so you cannot use zoom in the air
-Made the mod only a ".u" to make less to download
-Increased Damage done to vehicles
-Made a new Scope Reticle
-Added mousewheel controled zooming

Idea and Modeling: Wangtang
Texture: SithSpit, Wangtang
Coding: Wangtang, Lord_Buggy and MeowCat

Thanks for the feedback, enjoy!