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Rumple's Mini Map Pack!

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    I posted shots of all but toilet trauma. If you play the map you'll know why!

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    Pictures of the map would be awesome.

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    Read about the maps and downloading 'cause they look funny.

    More people would dl the maps if you had pics of the maps.
    Just a suggestion.

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  • started a topic Rumple's Mini Map Pack!

    Rumple's Mini Map Pack!

    Name: Rumple's Mini Map Pack

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: UT2004 & ECE Bonus pack

    Description: 5 small maps. Some of them are some of my first.

    VCTF-Whack-A-Mole: VCTF on a giant whack-a-mole game! Dont step on the moles!

    VCTF-Whack-A-MoleAfterhours: Same map but after the arcade is closed. Fraggin fun in the dark!

    VCTF-Toilet Trauma: um...its in a giant toilet what more can I say? Special fly vehicles that shoot poo.

    VCTF-UndergroundNightmareRemix: Small map in an abandoned sewer. Little "clown cars" (shrunk down scorpions with machine guns) for vehicles.
    This map rocks with a full server!

    VCTF-UndergoundAcidTrip2: Stacked figure 8 map with glass walls. Walls have a trippy effect! You'll either love it or hate it! (or have a seizure playing it)

    Comments: Some of these maps have been on the Old

    Skool Wicked Game Server for years and are still server favorites!

    Screenshot: Whack-A-Mole




    Credits: Rumple & CV Roy of the WGS for his help in the Toilet Trauma map.

    Homepage: None