Name: DM-1on1-Pathogen

Version: 1

Compatibility: UT2004

Description: "A subtract cube map with extras.... A functional biohazard disposal facility leased by the Liandri Corporation for death matches. Beware the pathogen eradication chamber !"

Comments: I put this map out in the hopes that someone will have fun with it. It's basically a smallish arena style map with a central trap. The central trap is unique and has lures, give it a go. The trap and jump pads can be a lot of fun with a few players on, or crank up the bots to inhuman and have at it. This map started as a learning experience in mapping for me. This is my first, and probably only UT2004 released map. (thank god I'm sure some of you will say ) The map started as DM-Pressure "trap" type remake that morphed over the versions... a lot of learning for movers, emitters, network emitters, texture importing. Bot pathing, lighting ... I certainly have new found respect for the mappers who pump these things out with new static meshes and custom textures. I've used a couple of static meshes and textures from some other maps, my apologies to anyone I may of not given credit too. The map is small so the "1on1" designation was added but it will play with 2-6 ok.
-The guy in the tanks animations only work offline
-The shake view effect in the tank only works offline.
- new network emitters, textures, easter egg (don't cheat and use the editor)


"bertriod" (DM-Spacebeacon maps) for getting me addicted to the UT series so long ago - thanks alot ;-P
The other Co30 mappers for inspiration, motivation, and occasional helpful hints.
"Hourences" for a couple of his textures from his released packs.
"Chong'Moonflyer'Lee" - Crate meshes from DM-TheDeck2004
Colin "Lruce Bee" Murphy - control console mesh and cabinet texture, and maybe a pallet too - DM-CBP2-Tensile_Steel
A pathogen texture from a crate in a UT99 map ... can't even find it anymore.