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    After one year of work and a lot of research into UnrealEngine and scripting, I want to announce my second map,


    "The year 2303.
    Once again deep space miners fight each other very brutal.
    Smaller mining companies had long been running private illegal leagues and matches to channel aggression.
    Ultimately to get the upper hand among the governmental mines,
    Liandri Mining Corporation legalized controlled fighting.
    Agamendon, an abandoned outpost of Liandri is perfectly redesigned for Tournament with newer state-of-the-art vehicles."


    • Exploding barrels are placed and they can respawn now after some time

    • Several new vehicles (GI Joe-Style) from 'Scot_G'
      and the Atlas-Buggy from 'Renegade Gods'

    • Special HealingSpots where bots, you and vehicles can reload health.
      Credits for this fantastic scripting to 'TAhrrkijn' from

    • Very special thanks to 'SuperApe' and his Old Skool Monsta Toolz.
      Also thx for additional help in "understanding" bots/monsters.

    • This map supports special physics. It is possible to move a number of static meshes. Also you can destroy some boxes.
      Credits to 'DaJMasta' for GoodKarma Physics and 'TheAbyss' for the DestroyableDECO boxes

    • I spent much time to create the bot path network with lots of testings.
      Bots walk alternate paths and for example they know to use the HealingVolume.
      Also there are several defend actors placed and I try to let the bots all the thinks do, you can do.
      Try a botmatch, it could be nice!

    • This map is tested online and all thinks described above work online!
      Ideal playercount is 16-32
    • I subdivided the map into 3 grades of detail if you have problems with FPS.
      You can increase performance by setting 'World Detail' to Normal or Low.
      This will exclude (only decorative) meshes and emitters from rendering, I defined before.
      This will NOT affect any other level of detail nor the quality of textures, physics, etc.

    Finally I want to thank all people, gave me constructive critics to give this map a nice finish.
    I hope you enjoy it!

    FileFront (free)
    Unreal Playground (register first)

    Alot of red flag issues in the tools/review paths that could be fixed. Also in the check map for errors you have many nav points above the stallz and a few other floating pickups ect. Also the map has excessive number of lights which will make performance bad.

    Could have made a material sequence of 4 or more fade pics for the level summary screenshot.

    The mylevel deco barrel is good and is why I looked to see but to me for a final version I see those issues above that will effect performance and also AI so I hope you look at that!

    But I think it is good even though I probably wont test it. Looks like you spend alot of time on it so im sure people will enjoy it in this stage!

    Good job!


      Thx for the fast reply!
      I know all these issues (they are not listed really as errors).
      The stallz-issues are because I limit the altitude of the little flying-vehicle.
      Some nav points are above this altitude.
      AI, server and singleplayer-running is not affected by this and you can ignore these issues.

      The lights (most of them) are not within the dynamically rendering process.
      Most lights are set to 'SpecialLit' to isolate lighting to specific surfaces.
      Lights set to SpecialLit only affect defined surfaces like the ambiance.
      Players and Vehicles (dynamic objects) have set another layer of light in my map.
      I save performance because they are excluded from rendering by most of (ambiance) lights.
      Only a few precise placed lights are used to render dynamic objects.

      I spent much time in optimizing performance of this map and it should run on every middle class system. Some examples.
      Map is divided into several 'Zones'.
      The doors include 'Antiportals' to exclude thinks from rendering behind them. All Meshes, Emitters and Coronas have a 'CullDistance'.
      Lights are set to 'SpecialLit'. (See above)

      You really should play a bot-match and test it


        Map looks pretty **** cool I gotta say. Sounds like you've put in the time and come up with some pretty good stuff. Will download and give it a whirl.